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Best Schools to Take IT related Degrees

Web related degrees are among the best paid careers in the Philippines and a lot of students want to pursue it. There are big universities all over the country that give education and training for IT related degrees. However, most of these are for college students are for those who have the time and age to take up a degree in Information Technology. For those who are already graduates (or undergraduates) that wish to pursue IT related careers but are afraid that they are too old to start anew, there are options still. A person has an option to rely entirely on experience and just learn these things on one’s own. With the number of available information and tutorials online, these are all possible.

One particular institution that offers up IT related degrees would be Pheonix One. This particular institution offer certification on Media Design, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Dynamics and 3D Rendering. There are also corporate trainings for different tracks Java Programming, Web Design, Web Development and HTML. There are hundreds more certificate programs that they offer. Another institution that offer IT related certification and training would be the TESDA-Korea Information Technology Training Center. They offer training in Computer Hardware Servicing, Technical Drafting and Computer Aide Design. Though these courses are not necessarily web related, they definitely still uses technology. There are also IT schools all over the country that offer degrees, diplomas and certification for anyone who wish to train for them. These include AMA, STI, Informatics and many more. These schools have a number of branches found all over the country and are willing to offer education and training.

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Learning about Web Development in School

Learning about web development does not necessarily require a college degree, though it might be easier to find high paying careers if a person does have a degree. A lot of schools have taught their students a bit about the development of websites.

The students can actually learn them by levels. First, the students learn how to design the pages of their websites and they can do this through HTML and other programming languages. Some schools let their students learn about web development through sharing sites online like Second, the student learns a thing or two about the dirty work of websites behind the pages that are navigable. Some students learn this from programs such as JOOMLA. Third, the student can learn other much higher programmable languages other than JOOMLA.

However, students can also learn about the simple websites that allow the development of webpages that teaches the students both how to design the functionality and the navigability of a website and also the dirty patchwork behind the scenes. The students can learn about this through WordPress. There are a lot of things to learn from this particular program. They can learn how to change the appearance of the website, learn the different programming skills required to change the appearance of the page, add different add-ons that can help in maximizing the potential of a page through WordPress. The great thing about WordPress is that there are a lot of tutorials available on the web that can teach them how to properly and successfully use WordPress in developing their own webpages.

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The Basics of WOW by Henry Lopez

WordPress is a platform whose popularity is every increasing over the years. In this digital age that we live in different kinds of websites are being developed to fit the different needs of internet users all over the world. Interestingly, WordPress is not just a blogging platform. What many people don’t know about it is that it can be used in web development. WOW, directly translated as Websites On WordPress, is a series of trainings and seminars to teach web developers about the different uses of WordPress in the development of websites.

There are a lot of different features that WordPress can offer. It has lots of themes, plugins and many more that can be easily set up and customized depending on the needs of the user. It has a system that allows users to have a DIY website creation system without any hassle or fear of different coding languages such as PHP and HTML. There are different plugins that are easy to download and install to create more complexities and features in the website.

Example of a WordPress Website

The Basics of WOW (by the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging) would be covering all these in the training. These include skills such as working with widgets, customizing themes and adding plugins. This training aims that any person who wish to build their own websites will be able to do so without the use of any programming languages, succeeding only through the use of WordPress. It will be handled by a well-known web designer and a consultant of the Philippine Animation Studio Inc, Henry Lopez. He is an independent digital artist who is an Adobe Certified Instruction in Flash 8.

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The Philippine’s Best WordPress Tutorials

The on-going development of media in the world has increased the number of information which are stored and accessed continuously via devices such as mobile phones and computers. Normally, this information are known as digital content or simply, content. There are a number of categories or classifications of these “content” and may include text, multimedia and other file types. Management of this information require a set of processes and techniques that focuses on collection and publishing. To do so, CMS or content management systems are required to aid in the collecting, organizing, editing, modification and publishing of data. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging or CMS tool as it is free.

Though it is an open source blogging tool and is made free and available for any user, it is not as easy to manage as many would think. There are codes to understand, terminology to comprehend and certain policies to follow when using WordPress. It is not just a blogging site; it can be used as a platform to develop web pages as well for other uses such as businesses, social networking and many more. For the success in the use of WordPress, proficiency and mastery is a must.

Being relatively new in the Philippines, only a selected few have a broad proficiency in the use of such a tool and as many more people start using it, coaches and tutorials might be required to make work easier. There are a lot of tutorials and seminars available and a few of those include:, and Inventive Media. All three are organizations or individuals that devote their time and career in spreading the knowledge of using WordPress in the country.

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