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Comfort Women in the Philippines

Often times, we hear our grandmothers and grandfathers sharing stories about what they experienced about the war – how they grew up from the destruction, how they lost their childhood, how they lost family members because of the war. They have pained expressions on their faces, remembering one of the hardest times in their young life. Many of them have lost their mothers, their sisters, their wives to the war. When children ask about these members of the family who have been lost, the only thing that they could say was “The Japanese took them away”.

For a young child’s mind, this statement is short but it could mean many things. It could mean that they have been saved from poverty, it could have mean they were taken to become wives of the Japanese. But their fate were not as bright as they have expected it to be, they were turned into what is known as a comfort woman – we may say it started in Japan (Japanese Comfort Women). This is a euphemism for an ugly period in a victim’s life as they are coerced into sexual slavery. Up until today these women seek justice not only for themselves but for their fellow victims who cannot fight alongside them. Thanks to Rosa Henson, the woman who braved the first step.

Victims Fighting for justice

The Japanese may turn a blind eye to this, but the victims will never forget how they suffered. And as their stories come to light, more and more people being enlightened to the truth, the fight will continue on until justice can finally be served. The web is a complex tool that can turn a small spark into wildfire.

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When In Manila – A blog for Filipinos

There are a lot of things to love about the Philippines, especially its capital city of Manila. Though for many people it is one of the craziest places on earth, Manila still has its interesting charm that never fails to captivate the hearts of people. This is exactly what WhenInManila bloggers want to show the world. This particular website is not just a blog, it is an online magazine about Manila and the Philippines. It is a community of hundreds of writers, storytellers and photographers who spend their lives giving the world a glimpse of Manila as they see it. It explores on a lot of things like travel, places to go to, things to do, new eating places and hidden treasures. It is a platform that shares the beauty of Manila to the world. Simply put, it shows the culture of the Philippines and entices readers (both local and foreign) to fall in love with its beauty.

Beautiful Manila at Night

Topics covered include the news, travel, sights and even fashion. It talks about the latest events, and the glitz and glamour of Philippine Show business.  There are entries about the history and culture of the Philippines and how it has survived through the centuries. There is also some news about the latest trends in the country. There are also tips on a lot of things within the blog.

Interesting websites like this should entice Filipinos to become more creative and expressive. Furthermore, it helps to let them learn to appreciate both the positive and negative aspects of the country.

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Comfort Women and the Internet

The issue about Japanese comfort women did not come out until decades after the Second World War. However, when it did reach the stands, it automatically became an international issue. Because of the so many nations involved in the case and the horrifying number of women that fell victim to the war, a lot of people all over the world express their concern about the issue. A few government officials from Japan expressed their apologies while others remained true to their beliefs that the issue on comfort women were fabricated. Soon, the issue died down but the hopes of the living victims did not.

Filipina Comfort Women

As the revolution in technology, communications and connectivity became wide spread all over the world, so did many moral issues because the internet became a free and open platform for conversations and discussions. It is also a place where victims can lobby their claims and gain support for their advocacies. The Comfort Women from different parts of the world, as well as their living families, started to come out and tell their stories.

Women being transported along the military

Blogs, social media and many more started to become platforms for these advocacies. It is also a place where many concerned readers get updates about the resistance between these comfort women and the Japanese government. It is also through these media and the internet that the issue on comfort women start to gain strength and attention. Just in the recent years, more and more people start to learn about what happened in the past and opinions are flying everywhere. Though no one is to blame for all are either in hiding or are keeping silent, the comfort women still want to gain justice for the horrors that they went through more than seven decades ago.

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The Scars from the Past, the Hopes for the Future

The Philippines today is home to millions of Filipinos and even people from different parts of the world. It is a place of cultural diversity being one of the very few countries in the world with English as their second language. It has a long history of change, with influences from so many cultures outside their own.

Filipino Illustrados

The country was in the Spanish rule for 300 years, a fact that truly provides evidence for the people’s adaptability to change. Through this Hispanic influence, the Philippines became colony that was given its Christian identity. Even with all the benefits that this westernization has brought about the Philippines, three centuries of suppression and censorship was too much. There came a point where the Filipinos have suffered enough. But even then, great minds were using their words to rally the people towards change and improvement. They, as Ilustrados, used the things they have learned to tell the people of the truths that have been kept from them.

By the end of this Hispanic rule (and as much as the Filipinos wished), they still failed to gain their independence as they were succumbed to the government of the United States. Through this, the Filipinos were liberalized bit by bit. Educated with democracy – they enjoyed privileges very new to them like freedom of speech.  Seeing the way that the Americans express themselves, the Filipinos were motivated and inspired to be the same. They were able to freely write about the advantages that the influence of the Americans granted them as well as abuses that they were experiencing.

Filipina Comfort Woman fighting for justice

However, before they saw the light of day, all was turned to darkness once again. As the Second World War enveloped the world, their mouths were once again shut from shouting for justice. Their eyes were even more opened. They suffered from the hands of the Japanese – children were killed, women were abducted to become comfort women, homes were burnt. But they were not able to express their sufferings.

For whatever it is that the country went through, they learned to be meek but honest. As the country reaches further modernization, hushed secrets from the dark past are beginning to come to light. The scars have made the Filipinos resilient to pain and suffering. Through these, they learned to speak.

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Top Three Blogs in the Philippines

There are three types of content in blogs that most Filipinos are looking out for and these will be clearly seen in the list of the Top Blogging sites as published by Though a lot of people from the Philippines look at blogging as more of a hobby than an actual career, they seem to fail to realize their dependence on these blogs for information in a lot of things. Listed below are the top three most visited Filipino websites:

The first type of content that most Filipinos read about from the internet is about technology. Known as the former text capital of the world and their popularity with their social media mania, the Filipinos want to be aware of the latest available gadgets being released. The number one search engine for this kind of information would be Yugatech which is a website that lists down features, specs and other technical information on a certain gadget. Other than that, they also give out reviews and price ranges from different popular stores in the Philippines.

The next type of content popular to Filipinos would be News and kickerdaily seem to be their go-to site for these kinds of information. This shows that most Filipinos are up to date with the latest events in their country as well as in other parts of the world spanning topics such as politics, education, entertainment, and many more.

The third, though not the very last, type of content Filipinos read most about would be food. Pinoyrecipe is a blog that lists down ingredients and procedures on how to cook Filipino delicacies.

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