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Web Related Careers

Web related work includes some that not many people have expected. These include teaching jobs, online stores and many more. Nowadays, through the availability of the internet teachers from one part of the globe can teach a student from the other side of the planet with little difficulty. This is a good way to spread culture and share knowledge. Online stores have also become quite popular and it has clicked to mobile users due to the convenience it offers. There are also writing jobs available on the internet that helps in spreading information throughout the world. Some lucky ones have even become famous because of the internet, YouTube celebrities that gained appreciation and popularity by the simple “likes” and upvotes of other users. On the other hand, there are the usual tech and web related jobs like developers, webhosts, programmers, designers and many more.

The introduction of technology to the world and the on-going revolution with technology has paved the way for new job opportunities that did not exist prior the development of the internet. As newer developments in this industry are being put together, more and more jobs are being made available. There are benefits to this, the first is that the availability of technology allowed people to “work from home”. The convenience of having a device and internet connection has made jobs portable. The only things needed would be deadlines, communication and compliance. Since internet connection can be wireless and devices have gone mobile, anyone can do their work almost anywhere.

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The Demand for IT Graduates

There are different kinds of college degrees that can be related to the technology of computers and web development and one of these would be Information Technology. Though graduates of Information Technology degrees often have immense skills in web development, they are also quite learned in using WordPress in creating a website. The languages that they have learned include the basic C programs, HTML, PHP, JAVA and many more. It may be true that they do not have WordPress in any of their courses, the idea of using all the other programming languages and their skills in developing websites can be maximized when using WordPress.

WordPress is more than just blogging where a user posts his or her ideas and shares them on the web. The maximized functionality of WordPress can be developed depending on the types of add-ons that are installed within the program. The thing about this is that there are hundreds of WordPress add-ons available on the internet. Downloading them, installing them and making them work on the page is work that average people will find difficult doing.

Though WordPress is not the only platform where an individual can have their own website, web development in the Philippines have started to become popular just in the recent years. With this, the demand for Information Technology graduates has also increased. Since these careers are high in demand, their compensation is usually also better than others. With the skills that they have and the on-going implementation of technology in the work place, people with Information Technology Careers are important facets of any company or business.

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Filipinos’ Views about Blogging Careers

The Philippines is a country where a person’s success is measured by the kind of job and stability that is achieved beyond the college years. For many people, a successful life is led by having a good paying job in a multinational corporation. However, with the digital age, there are changes in society that opens up avenues for people to have what is known as “unconventional jobs” – or simply, jobs that are not in a corporate setup.

Different kinds of unconventional jobs in the country are not considered as serious employment. There are photographers, foodies, writers, bloggers, fashionistas and the like. For many, they have this stigma that blogging is merely a hobby and not a career; making a career out of a hobby is impossible. In the minds of a lot of people, these kinds of careers are often short lived that if a person does not work in a corporate set-up then for many it means that success is still yet to be achieved.

What many people don’t know is that blogging careers require passion. It needs a passion to be curious and a passion to inform, to yearn for knowledge and share that piece of intelligence to all those who are willing to listen. A lot of people have been successful blogging through their careers and they seem to be quite satisfied with what they have achieved despite what others think about it. Often, bloggers get lots of perks – they can get free stuff in exchange for advertisement, they can become travelers of their own right. Their wanderlust never reaches its limit.

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What can a WordPress Skill get you?

The internet is the people’s go to place whenever they need any information and knowledge on anything. People are also dependent on the internet for entertainment and leisure. Any online or web related career will certainly be promising as the web becomes developed over the years. There seems to be no impending decline in the use of the internet particularly when the people depend on it so much in their daily lives. Some people say that learning WordPress skills is not hard while others say that success requires technical knowledge on the subject. Whichever it may be, skills and knowledge on WordPress and other web development content management systems seems to be promising.

Career opportunities based on WordPress skills would depend on one’s mastery and knowledge of the language. First of all, basic WordPress skills can always get anyone a writing job. There are a lot of freelance writers on the internet that get hired for jobs as content writers or content editors for websites. This is a good thing because the work time is quite flexible and any passionate or aspiring writer can use this as a platform to express themselves. Next, a more advanced and technical knowledge of WordPress can be promising for web designers. These people manage the part of the website that the users can see and directly interact with. It does not require too much technical knowledge but can there are terminologies such as anchors, SEO and the like that would be important for this job. Lastly, high proficiency and mastery of WordPress and other skills can help a person get a career as a web developer who works behind the scenes, writing the codes that allow the website to properly function.

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