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WordPress Success Stories

There are a number of people that gained fame and popularity, even financial success, simply from their WordPress pages. Though many people would overlook WordPress and not consider it as a possible source of success, there are those that maximized its potential. Building an internet entrepreneurial empire is never easy and would definitely cost a certain amount of money. However, what many people do not know is that there are a number of solutions that come cheap, or in some cases free. All they need to know were the do’s and don’ts.

There are success stories that come from dorm rooms or even classrooms of the youngest entrepreneurs that use WordPress as a platform for their online businesses. All they needed was their laptops, some internet connection and creativity. They put this all on wordpress, and Voila, success.

One particular person that gained success through WordPress would be Julian Hearn that opened an online voucher site. He earned hundreds of thousands of dollars since he opened his site. Another would be Brian Clark who opened CopyBlogger who earned financial success by writing and copy writing. Others gained success through bank related websites. Others opened their own stores online that sell different kinds of merchandise. There are those who sell clothing, food and many other items on the internet.

Not a lot of people are as lucky as some of these successful people, and WordPress does not necessarily promise a life filled with richness. However, with enough courage and talent WordPress is more than willing to help turn an ambition into a success story.

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The Latest WordPress Plugin

WordPress is one of the simplest and best ways to build a website. This is true because it is one of the only few that allow the full creativity of developers maximized for free. It is a good free website development platform that allows a page to be indexed. Normally, a wordpress page can start with the simplest and basic functions. However, there are thousands of WordPress Plugins available on the internet that can definitely improve the functionality of the website as well as its appearance.

The thing about these plugins is that they are not necessarily developed by WordPress themselves. Often, they are developed by other users of WordPress who want to improve on the usability of the website.

There are Plugins for different purposes. There are plugins from commerce, where a page can start accepting payments and the like. There are also plugins that allow the filling up of forms and memberships. There are also plugins that allow the use of media for advertising, widgets to make the page much more usable. There are even plugins which can be used to develop a social networking site.

However, there are cases where a certain upgrade is needed so that a particular plugin can be installed on the site. The latest update would be WordPress 4.1 or Dinah Version. This allows the upgrade of the WordPress dashboard that adds more features onto the page. The thing about this new update is that it helps the users focus more on writing. These upgrades come periodically where they add something more onto the existent WordPress being used.

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Fashion Blogging Philippines

What many people think about blogging and when they hear WordPress or any other blogging website is fashion.  Though not all blogs are about fashion, most of the websites by celebrities in the Philippines are about fashion and style. They talk about the latest trends, events and the like.

Among the most popular Fashion Bloggers in the Philippines would be Laureen Uy. She is known as a celebrity stylist who knows the whos, whats and wheres of fashion. She is always in every fashionable event and her opinions are highly revered by fashionistas all over the country.

Lissa Kahayon is also another very popular Filipina blogger who post not only about fashion but also about fitness. She posts a lot of work out videos to help other Pinays stay fit and healthy. Who says fashion is all about clothing anyway? Fashion is about style, and not having confidence in one’s body will surely make any fashion trend a fail!

Philippine Fashion has come a long way and has surpassed the expectations of many of the consumers in the country. Interestingly, most fashion designers from the Philippines always make sure that they include a certain Filipino twist or influence in their designs.

A lot of fashion bloggers in the Philippines talk about a variety of topics. Some of them talk about the latest trends in Fashion and where to find certain trinkets and treasures that are quite rarely found in department stores and boutiques. Other fashion bloggers talk about the best places to shop and find quality items at the most affordable prices.

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WordPress Beyond Blogging

Since the launch of WordPress in 2003 the functions and capabilities of WordPress have been improved and developed. Known best as a platform to develop blogs, it now has a variety of other uses and functions that can surely become revolutionary when realized.

The different WordPress plugins allow the variations in its uses and allows users to venture beyond blogging. For instance, WordPress could process almost any kind of media file from text, to photos, music and videos. Because of this, it can become a very useful as a means for aspiring artists to exhibit their work. Though there are social networking sites that can help in advertising one’s work, it is still something else to have one’s own domain or webpage. Personalization is made possible by the number of themes available from WordPress. Another good use of WordPress other than blogging is to create an online business or shop. WordPress has released the e-commerce plugin helpful for selling digital download, subscriptions and even memberships. This plugin allows the integration of different payment gateways and even marketing tools. There are even built-in shipping tools that integrate with famous couriers. For those who wish to create their own search engines or wiki pages, there are also plugins available to make this possible.

The uses and function of WordPress has great variety and is highly dependent on the users’ imagination and creativity. The plugins are continuously improved and more are being developed. WordPress itself is continuously challenging itself as it releases newer and better versions continuously with the WordPress 4.1 expected to be released at the end of the year.

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