Comfort Women in the Philippines

Often times, we hear our grandmothers and grandfathers sharing stories about what they experienced about the war – how they grew up from the destruction, how they lost their childhood, how they lost family members because of the war. They have pained expressions on their faces, remembering one of the hardest times in their young life. Many of them have lost their mothers, their sisters, their wives to the war. When children ask about these members of the family who have been lost, the only thing that they could say was “The Japanese took them away”.

For a young child’s mind, this statement is short but it could mean many things. It could mean that they have been saved from poverty, it could have mean they were taken to become wives of the Japanese. But their fate were not as bright as they have expected it to be, they were turned into what is known as a comfort woman – we may say it started in Japan (Japanese Comfort Women). This is a euphemism for an ugly period in a victim’s life as they are coerced into sexual slavery. Up until today these women seek justice not only for themselves but for their fellow victims who cannot fight alongside them. Thanks to Rosa Henson, the woman who braved the first step.

Victims Fighting for justice

The Japanese may turn a blind eye to this, but the victims will never forget how they suffered. And as their stories come to light, more and more people being enlightened to the truth, the fight will continue on until justice can finally be served. The web is a complex tool that can turn a small spark into wildfire.

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