Comfort Women and the Internet

The issue about Japanese comfort women did not come out until decades after the Second World War. However, when it did reach the stands, it automatically became an international issue. Because of the so many nations involved in the case and the horrifying number of women that fell victim to the war, a lot of people all over the world express their concern about the issue. A few government officials from Japan expressed their apologies while others remained true to their beliefs that the issue on comfort women were fabricated. Soon, the issue died down but the hopes of the living victims did not.

Filipina Comfort Women

As the revolution in technology, communications and connectivity became wide spread all over the world, so did many moral issues because the internet became a free and open platform for conversations and discussions. It is also a place where victims can lobby their claims and gain support for their advocacies. The Comfort Women from different parts of the world, as well as their living families, started to come out and tell their stories.

Women being transported along the military

Blogs, social media and many more started to become platforms for these advocacies. It is also a place where many concerned readers get updates about the resistance between these comfort women and the Japanese government. It is also through these media and the internet that the issue on comfort women start to gain strength and attention. Just in the recent years, more and more people start to learn about what happened in the past and opinions are flying everywhere. Though no one is to blame for all are either in hiding or are keeping silent, the comfort women still want to gain justice for the horrors that they went through more than seven decades ago.

images by giggles and pilr