WordPress Success Stories

There are a number of people that gained fame and popularity, even financial success, simply from their WordPress pages. Though many people would overlook WordPress and not consider it as a possible source of success, there are those that maximized its potential. Building an internet entrepreneurial empire is never easy and would definitely cost a certain amount of money. However, what many people do not know is that there are a number of solutions that come cheap, or in some cases free. All they need to know were the do’s and don’ts.

There are success stories that come from dorm rooms or even classrooms of the youngest entrepreneurs that use WordPress as a platform for their online businesses. All they needed was their laptops, some internet connection and creativity. They put this all on wordpress, and Voila, success.

One particular person that gained success through WordPress would be Julian Hearn that opened an online voucher site. He earned hundreds of thousands of dollars since he opened his site. Another would be Brian Clark who opened CopyBlogger who earned financial success by writing and copy writing. Others gained success through bank related websites. Others opened their own stores online that sell different kinds of merchandise. There are those who sell clothing, food and many other items on the internet.

Not a lot of people are as lucky as some of these successful people, and WordPress does not necessarily promise a life filled with richness. However, with enough courage and talent WordPress is more than willing to help turn an ambition into a success story.

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Best Schools to Take IT related Degrees

Web related degrees are among the best paid careers in the Philippines and a lot of students want to pursue it. There are big universities all over the country that give education and training for IT related degrees. However, most of these are for college students are for those who have the time and age to take up a degree in Information Technology. For those who are already graduates (or undergraduates) that wish to pursue IT related careers but are afraid that they are too old to start anew, there are options still. A person has an option to rely entirely on experience and just learn these things on one’s own. With the number of available information and tutorials online, these are all possible.

One particular institution that offers up IT related degrees would be Pheonix One. This particular institution offer certification on Media Design, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Dynamics and 3D Rendering. There are also corporate trainings for different tracks Java Programming, Web Design, Web Development and HTML. There are hundreds more certificate programs that they offer. Another institution that offer IT related certification and training would be the TESDA-Korea Information Technology Training Center. They offer training in Computer Hardware Servicing, Technical Drafting and Computer Aide Design. Though these courses are not necessarily web related, they definitely still uses technology. There are also IT schools all over the country that offer degrees, diplomas and certification for anyone who wish to train for them. These include AMA, STI, Informatics and many more. These schools have a number of branches found all over the country and are willing to offer education and training.

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When In Manila – A blog for Filipinos

There are a lot of things to love about the Philippines, especially its capital city of Manila. Though for many people it is one of the craziest places on earth, Manila still has its interesting charm that never fails to captivate the hearts of people. This is exactly what WhenInManila bloggers want to show the world. This particular website is not just a blog, it is an online magazine about Manila and the Philippines. It is a community of hundreds of writers, storytellers and photographers who spend their lives giving the world a glimpse of Manila as they see it. It explores on a lot of things like travel, places to go to, things to do, new eating places and hidden treasures. It is a platform that shares the beauty of Manila to the world. Simply put, it shows the culture of the Philippines and entices readers (both local and foreign) to fall in love with its beauty.

Beautiful Manila at Night

Topics covered include the news, travel, sights and even fashion. It talks about the latest events, and the glitz and glamour of Philippine Show business.  There are entries about the history and culture of the Philippines and how it has survived through the centuries. There is also some news about the latest trends in the country. There are also tips on a lot of things within the blog.

Interesting websites like this should entice Filipinos to become more creative and expressive. Furthermore, it helps to let them learn to appreciate both the positive and negative aspects of the country.

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Comfort Women and the Internet

The issue about Japanese comfort women did not come out until decades after the Second World War. However, when it did reach the stands, it automatically became an international issue. Because of the so many nations involved in the case and the horrifying number of women that fell victim to the war, a lot of people all over the world express their concern about the issue. A few government officials from Japan expressed their apologies while others remained true to their beliefs that the issue on comfort women were fabricated. Soon, the issue died down but the hopes of the living victims did not.

Filipina Comfort Women

As the revolution in technology, communications and connectivity became wide spread all over the world, so did many moral issues because the internet became a free and open platform for conversations and discussions. It is also a place where victims can lobby their claims and gain support for their advocacies. The Comfort Women from different parts of the world, as well as their living families, started to come out and tell their stories.

Women being transported along the military

Blogs, social media and many more started to become platforms for these advocacies. It is also a place where many concerned readers get updates about the resistance between these comfort women and the Japanese government. It is also through these media and the internet that the issue on comfort women start to gain strength and attention. Just in the recent years, more and more people start to learn about what happened in the past and opinions are flying everywhere. Though no one is to blame for all are either in hiding or are keeping silent, the comfort women still want to gain justice for the horrors that they went through more than seven decades ago.

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Web Related Careers

Web related work includes some that not many people have expected. These include teaching jobs, online stores and many more. Nowadays, through the availability of the internet teachers from one part of the globe can teach a student from the other side of the planet with little difficulty. This is a good way to spread culture and share knowledge. Online stores have also become quite popular and it has clicked to mobile users due to the convenience it offers. There are also writing jobs available on the internet that helps in spreading information throughout the world. Some lucky ones have even become famous because of the internet, YouTube celebrities that gained appreciation and popularity by the simple “likes” and upvotes of other users. On the other hand, there are the usual tech and web related jobs like developers, webhosts, programmers, designers and many more.

The introduction of technology to the world and the on-going revolution with technology has paved the way for new job opportunities that did not exist prior the development of the internet. As newer developments in this industry are being put together, more and more jobs are being made available. There are benefits to this, the first is that the availability of technology allowed people to “work from home”. The convenience of having a device and internet connection has made jobs portable. The only things needed would be deadlines, communication and compliance. Since internet connection can be wireless and devices have gone mobile, anyone can do their work almost anywhere.

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