Web Development vs. Web Design

Web design and development are two important aspects of the internet that many people take for granted because they don’t know what they are. A lot of people are benefiting from the widespread use of the internet, the different websites found in it and all the information uploaded onto the web. However, only a limited amount of people are curious about how these information got there to begin with.

A website has two important parts, the first of which would be web design. This is the visual that the users of a particular website see. It is concerned primarily with the usability of the site – focusing on aspects such as how the site would look like and how customers would be interacting with it. It also deals with how to make a website user-friendly, creating ease in the navigation features of a website.

On the other hand, web development is the back-end of the website. This means that this aspect of a website deals with the programming and works of the site. Web developers are primarily concerned with keeping the site working and running effectively – troubleshooting, solving problems and issues and many more. Web developers are the ones responsible for learning programming languages such as HTML and PHP.

Web developers can become web designers and vice versa. An individual can do all the work by himself and complete make a website running while making sure that it is usable. However, in large web developing companies, they want to make a distinction between the two and hire two different individuals for web development and web design.

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The Basics of WOW by Henry Lopez

WordPress is a platform whose popularity is every increasing over the years. In this digital age that we live in different kinds of websites are being developed to fit the different needs of internet users all over the world. Interestingly, WordPress is not just a blogging platform. What many people don’t know about it is that it can be used in web development. WOW, directly translated as Websites On WordPress, is a series of trainings and seminars to teach web developers about the different uses of WordPress in the development of websites.

There are a lot of different features that WordPress can offer. It has lots of themes, plugins and many more that can be easily set up and customized depending on the needs of the user. It has a system that allows users to have a DIY website creation system without any hassle or fear of different coding languages such as PHP and HTML. There are different plugins that are easy to download and install to create more complexities and features in the website.

Example of a WordPress Website

The Basics of WOW (by the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging) would be covering all these in the training. These include skills such as working with widgets, customizing themes and adding plugins. This training aims that any person who wish to build their own websites will be able to do so without the use of any programming languages, succeeding only through the use of WordPress. It will be handled by a well-known web designer and a consultant of the Philippine Animation Studio Inc, Henry Lopez. He is an independent digital artist who is an Adobe Certified Instruction in Flash 8.

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Filipinos’ Views about Blogging Careers

The Philippines is a country where a person’s success is measured by the kind of job and stability that is achieved beyond the college years. For many people, a successful life is led by having a good paying job in a multinational corporation. However, with the digital age, there are changes in society that opens up avenues for people to have what is known as “unconventional jobs” – or simply, jobs that are not in a corporate setup.

Different kinds of unconventional jobs in the country are not considered as serious employment. There are photographers, foodies, writers, bloggers, fashionistas and the like. For many, they have this stigma that blogging is merely a hobby and not a career; making a career out of a hobby is impossible. In the minds of a lot of people, these kinds of careers are often short lived that if a person does not work in a corporate set-up then for many it means that success is still yet to be achieved.

What many people don’t know is that blogging careers require passion. It needs a passion to be curious and a passion to inform, to yearn for knowledge and share that piece of intelligence to all those who are willing to listen. A lot of people have been successful blogging through their careers and they seem to be quite satisfied with what they have achieved despite what others think about it. Often, bloggers get lots of perks – they can get free stuff in exchange for advertisement, they can become travelers of their own right. Their wanderlust never reaches its limit.

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The Scars from the Past, the Hopes for the Future

The Philippines today is home to millions of Filipinos and even people from different parts of the world. It is a place of cultural diversity being one of the very few countries in the world with English as their second language. It has a long history of change, with influences from so many cultures outside their own.

Filipino Illustrados

The country was in the Spanish rule for 300 years, a fact that truly provides evidence for the people’s adaptability to change. Through this Hispanic influence, the Philippines became colony that was given its Christian identity. Even with all the benefits that this westernization has brought about the Philippines, three centuries of suppression and censorship was too much. There came a point where the Filipinos have suffered enough. But even then, great minds were using their words to rally the people towards change and improvement. They, as Ilustrados, used the things they have learned to tell the people of the truths that have been kept from them.

By the end of this Hispanic rule (and as much as the Filipinos wished), they still failed to gain their independence as they were succumbed to the government of the United States. Through this, the Filipinos were liberalized bit by bit. Educated with democracy – they enjoyed privileges very new to them like freedom of speech.  Seeing the way that the Americans express themselves, the Filipinos were motivated and inspired to be the same. They were able to freely write about the advantages that the influence of the Americans granted them as well as abuses that they were experiencing.

Filipina Comfort Woman fighting for justice

However, before they saw the light of day, all was turned to darkness once again. As the Second World War enveloped the world, their mouths were once again shut from shouting for justice. Their eyes were even more opened. They suffered from the hands of the Japanese – children were killed, women were abducted to become comfort women, homes were burnt. But they were not able to express their sufferings.

For whatever it is that the country went through, they learned to be meek but honest. As the country reaches further modernization, hushed secrets from the dark past are beginning to come to light. The scars have made the Filipinos resilient to pain and suffering. Through these, they learned to speak.

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Fashion Blogging Philippines

What many people think about blogging and when they hear WordPress or any other blogging website is fashion.  Though not all blogs are about fashion, most of the websites by celebrities in the Philippines are about fashion and style. They talk about the latest trends, events and the like.

Among the most popular Fashion Bloggers in the Philippines would be Laureen Uy. She is known as a celebrity stylist who knows the whos, whats and wheres of fashion. She is always in every fashionable event and her opinions are highly revered by fashionistas all over the country.

Lissa Kahayon is also another very popular Filipina blogger who post not only about fashion but also about fitness. She posts a lot of work out videos to help other Pinays stay fit and healthy. Who says fashion is all about clothing anyway? Fashion is about style, and not having confidence in one’s body will surely make any fashion trend a fail!

Philippine Fashion has come a long way and has surpassed the expectations of many of the consumers in the country. Interestingly, most fashion designers from the Philippines always make sure that they include a certain Filipino twist or influence in their designs.

A lot of fashion bloggers in the Philippines talk about a variety of topics. Some of them talk about the latest trends in Fashion and where to find certain trinkets and treasures that are quite rarely found in department stores and boutiques. Other fashion bloggers talk about the best places to shop and find quality items at the most affordable prices.

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