What can a WordPress Skill get you?

The internet is the people’s go to place whenever they need any information and knowledge on anything. People are also dependent on the internet for entertainment and leisure. Any online or web related career will certainly be promising as the web becomes developed over the years. There seems to be no impending decline in the use of the internet particularly when the people depend on it so much in their daily lives. Some people say that learning WordPress skills is not hard while others say that success requires technical knowledge on the subject. Whichever it may be, skills and knowledge on WordPress and other web development content management systems seems to be promising.

Career opportunities based on WordPress skills would depend on one’s mastery and knowledge of the language. First of all, basic WordPress skills can always get anyone a writing job. There are a lot of freelance writers on the internet that get hired for jobs as content writers or content editors for websites. This is a good thing because the work time is quite flexible and any passionate or aspiring writer can use this as a platform to express themselves. Next, a more advanced and technical knowledge of WordPress can be promising for web designers. These people manage the part of the website that the users can see and directly interact with. It does not require too much technical knowledge but can there are terminologies such as anchors, SEO and the like that would be important for this job. Lastly, high proficiency and mastery of WordPress and other skills can help a person get a career as a web developer who works behind the scenes, writing the codes that allow the website to properly function.

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The Future of Web Development in the Philippines

Ironically, even if the Philippines is known as one of the countries in the world most engaged in social media, the country has never released a Filipino owned social networking site. Other nations such as Vietnam, Thailand, Korea and many more have developed their own websites and these are quite popular in these nations locally.

Even so, this does not stop Filipinos from participating actively in the cyber world. There are a number of aspiring Filipino Web Designers but there are only few who truly stood out. Despite the concerning number, the continuous use of blogs and other similar social media seem to be a sign that the country has good potential. As interest in the internet and other technologies continue to flourish in the Philippines, it may not be too long before some genius develops the first ever Filipino Social Networking Site.

Social Media in the Philippines

The Philippines may be lagging behind their other Asian counterparts when it comes to the web and mobile app development but the country seem to be doing well to try to slowly (but steadily) progress. In 2008, in hopes of boosting interest in the craft, Filipino web designers established the Philippine Web Designers Organization or PWDO to offer workshops, conferences and training for budding web designers. Today, there are approximately 20,000 to 50,000 designers who are working in the country for various tracks such as communications, broadcasting, BPOs and many more. A lot of people say that this number could still potentially increase if the government certifies web designers and allow some policies to help them in developing not only their careers but their industry as well.

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WordPress Beyond Blogging

Since the launch of WordPress in 2003 the functions and capabilities of WordPress have been improved and developed. Known best as a platform to develop blogs, it now has a variety of other uses and functions that can surely become revolutionary when realized.

The different WordPress plugins allow the variations in its uses and allows users to venture beyond blogging. For instance, WordPress could process almost any kind of media file from text, to photos, music and videos. Because of this, it can become a very useful as a means for aspiring artists to exhibit their work. Though there are social networking sites that can help in advertising one’s work, it is still something else to have one’s own domain or webpage. Personalization is made possible by the number of themes available from WordPress. Another good use of WordPress other than blogging is to create an online business or shop. WordPress has released the e-commerce plugin helpful for selling digital download, subscriptions and even memberships. This plugin allows the integration of different payment gateways and even marketing tools. There are even built-in shipping tools that integrate with famous couriers. For those who wish to create their own search engines or wiki pages, there are also plugins available to make this possible.

The uses and function of WordPress has great variety and is highly dependent on the users’ imagination and creativity. The plugins are continuously improved and more are being developed. WordPress itself is continuously challenging itself as it releases newer and better versions continuously with the WordPress 4.1 expected to be released at the end of the year.

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Top Three Blogs in the Philippines

There are three types of content in blogs that most Filipinos are looking out for and these will be clearly seen in the list of the Top Blogging sites as published by Alexa.com. Though a lot of people from the Philippines look at blogging as more of a hobby than an actual career, they seem to fail to realize their dependence on these blogs for information in a lot of things. Listed below are the top three most visited Filipino websites:

The first type of content that most Filipinos read about from the internet is about technology. Known as the former text capital of the world and their popularity with their social media mania, the Filipinos want to be aware of the latest available gadgets being released. The number one search engine for this kind of information would be Yugatech which is a website that lists down features, specs and other technical information on a certain gadget. Other than that, they also give out reviews and price ranges from different popular stores in the Philippines.

The next type of content popular to Filipinos would be News and kickerdaily seem to be their go-to site for these kinds of information. This shows that most Filipinos are up to date with the latest events in their country as well as in other parts of the world spanning topics such as politics, education, entertainment, and many more.


The third, though not the very last, type of content Filipinos read most about would be food. Pinoyrecipe is a blog that lists down ingredients and procedures on how to cook Filipino delicacies.

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The Philippine’s Best WordPress Tutorials

The on-going development of media in the world has increased the number of information which are stored and accessed continuously via devices such as mobile phones and computers. Normally, this information are known as digital content or simply, content. There are a number of categories or classifications of these “content” and may include text, multimedia and other file types. Management of this information require a set of processes and techniques that focuses on collection and publishing. To do so, CMS or content management systems are required to aid in the collecting, organizing, editing, modification and publishing of data. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging or CMS tool as it is free.

Though it is an open source blogging tool and is made free and available for any user, it is not as easy to manage as many would think. There are codes to understand, terminology to comprehend and certain policies to follow when using WordPress. It is not just a blogging site; it can be used as a platform to develop web pages as well for other uses such as businesses, social networking and many more. For the success in the use of WordPress, proficiency and mastery is a must.

Being relatively new in the Philippines, only a selected few have a broad proficiency in the use of such a tool and as many more people start using it, coaches and tutorials might be required to make work easier. There are a lot of tutorials and seminars available and a few of those include: iteachwp.com, Tektile.com.ph and Inventive Media. All three are organizations or individuals that devote their time and career in spreading the knowledge of using WordPress in the country.

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