WordPress Themes – Paid or Free?

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There is a reason why users have to pay for some while being allowed to have access to others for free.  The general logic is that there is something that can be gained from the paid versions which cannot be offered by the free version.  In the subject of WordPress themes, this might just be debatable.

Determining the most suitable theme for a blog would really depend on the purpose and contents of the blog.  It is possible to find the exact theme for a blog among the free versions and that would be just fine.  It is likewise possible to find the right theme among the paid versions, pay for its use and that would be just as fine.  It all boils down to how fit the chosen theme is and how willing a blog owner is to spend on the development of the blog.

The main opposition towards free themes is the higher possibility of having similar themes with other blogs precisely because they are free and can be used by anyone.  Although this is essentially true, blog owners can still make free themes work for them by putting appropriate widgets and including unique images that would differentiate them from the others.  Free themes comes highly recommended for blog owners who are just trying to get the feel of it.  This avoids paying for something that will only turn out as a passing fancy.

Many paid themes are admittedly superior in looks not by being overly garish but more so because of their understated simplicity and naturalism.  In the same manner that that naturally-looking make-up is the most difficult to achieve in women, an unforced elegance in blogs also require more work from designers thus the price.   So which is better between free and paid WordPress themes?  The best answer lies in the intent of the blog owner.

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