WordPress Theme Directory submissions require 100% GPL support

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WordPress theme authors looking to submit their works to the official theme repository should take note of some specific guidelines with regard to the GPL. While it’s a given that your theme should have a GPL license, your website should also be in full support of the license. Matt Dunn shares that when he submitted a theme and got rejected, this was the message he recevied:

Thank you for submitting the Elegant Blog theme, however it has not been selected to be part of the theme directory. Themes from sites that offer or support non-GPL themes (matthewlyle.com) are not included in the directory.

His post serves as ample warning:

You must either create a separate website to house them, or remove any “support” of non-GPL themes from your website. This would include advertisements for something like the Thesis theme, ThemeForest, and also any paid themes that you’ve created in the past that are not GPL compatible.

It seems the folks behind WordPress want WP designers and developers to embrace the spirit of GPL completely, not just during the occasion that they create themes for the platform. That sounds like a fair price to pay to earn inclusion into the directory, though I wonder if using a “separate website” is a proper solution if promoting the GPL is the goal.

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