Pinoy WordPress Theme: Tiffany Blue

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Tiffany Blue is a theme for WordPress created by Filipino designer Ia Lucero, inspired by the official color of Tiffany & Co.

It started with the color I wanted to paint the walls of my room with. Of course I wanted blue. But something not too blue. I ended up choosing a very icy aquamarine (as noted by the man who did the painting), but continued to be fascinated by the remote regions of cyan.

Then I discovered Tiffany Blue and its reputation of all things luxurious and romantic. It is Tiffany & Co.’s official color (Pantone Matching System number 1837, the founding year of the company!), whose petite boxes contain strands of silver and drops of diamonds. Though for me, having the cute boxes would be enough.

Tiffany Blue is a runner up in the Sandbox theme design competition held a few months back. You can check out a live preview via’s theme switcher (select Tiffany Blue from the dropdown box). You can download the theme here.

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  1. Sophia Lucero Said,

    The most recent version is available here:

    (I’ll have to email Scott Wallick to update the file first.)

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