Include child themes in the WordPress Themes Directory?

| November 11, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Patrick Daly examines the possibility of including child themes into the official WordPress Themes Directory, including previous discussions on it.

The inclusion of child themes in the official WordPress Themes directory is good idea because it gives themes greater flexibility and makes theme management easier for users. There’s a few problems to overcome before allowing child theme submissions into the directory, but nothing a little more brainstorming can’t resolve. I think with enough support from the community we could get this implemented rather quickly (who can even know what that means though?).

It will definitely mean modifications to the way to integrate them alongside the usual parent themes, but that’s what child themes are doing anyway—they’re changing the way we look at themes. If WordPress can officially push for this feature by way of the official theme directory, it’s a great step in easily developing themes on already available theme frameworks.

Meantime, check out Themelets, a site that features everything on WordPress child themes.

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