Discuss the future of the new Default WordPress theme

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There’s been talk about changing the Default WordPress theme (called Kubrick, for those who aren’t aware) when WordPress 3.0 comes out, around the middle of 2010. It’s gotten a lot of people excited, but the details aren’t set in stone yet. As with most things in the WordPress development timeline, Jane Wells and the rest of the team are asking the community to sound off on what the next Default WordPress theme should be like.

Should it be a new framework? Should it be an updated Kubrick? Should it have two sidebars or three? Should it come with a boatload of customization options? Should it stay minimal? There are a lot of questions to ask and answer.

Already there are a lot of ideas in the forum thread, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to chime in. Eventually there probably will be more structure to the decision making process such as the community polls we had for various WP features, but this free-for-all is a great way to get started, to get all the ideas out there. Jump in, the water’s great!

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