Is WordPress Spam-free?

December 31, 2012 | No Comments Yet

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WordPress offers the Spam-free option through a plugin that actively fights comment spam.  It is said to be able to to block 100% of automated spam with zero percent false  positives.  It became a necessity at the thick of huge spam attacks that usually came with huge visitor traffic.

WordPress provides an anti-spam plug-in.  It is actually a comment spam blocking plug-in that is able to block automated spam while promising to eliminate false positives.  It came out in the year 2007 due to a recognized need as brought upon by the onslaught of huge spam attacks that came with huge visitor traffic.  It is able to handle unlimited amount of comment spam encountered by blogs having the highest traffic.

What makes this spam-free plug-in more beneficial is the ability to remove HTML that comes with comments and the absence of CAPTCHA which usually discourages even legitimate commenters from commenting.  There is also a blacklist for local IP address in cases of manual spam.

Spam comments can severely affect a blog’s SEO efforts and subsequently its rankings.  The use of this plug-in makes it possible to preserve a blog’s SEO.  The offered spam protection is not noticeable to readers and will not present any hindrances whatsoever that would prevent them from commenting.  Spam comments are however automatically filtered out.

There are still many anti-spam plug-ins that can be suitably used by WordPress such as Akismet, Bad Behaviour, Anti-SpamBees AVH First Defense Against Spam, Defensive Anti-Spam, WP-Hashcash, Spam-Stopper, Cookie for Comments, CloudFlare, and Solve Media.  With all these options available, has WordPress been made spam-free?  Unfortunately, this isn’t so although the right anti-spam plug-in can reduce spamming considerably.  Users will find out that some plug-ins may be too restrictive for their own use which can actually work against it.  It is therefore inherent on blog owners to find the most suitable plug-in for their use.

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