WordPress Plugin: BuddyPress Template Pack

January 18, 2011 | No Comments Yet

BuddyPress Template Pack transforms WordPress themes into BuddyPress-ready ones. This makes getting into BuddyPress a whole lot easier.

Now you can use BuddyPress with your single site installation of WordPress, and you can keep your existing theme. Seriously, could BuddyPress have made it any easier for you to add social networking to your site? I know I can’t wait to try it out this weekend, how about you?

Just follow the steps once the plugin is installed, and if you want to go back, rest assured that none of your theme files are modified. The plugin requires the BuddyPress add-on, which also comes as a plugin. Your WP install should be at least version 2.9.1 too.

Download BuddyPress Template Pack

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WP e-Commerce crash course

November 18, 2010 | No Comments Yet

WordPress has been used for any type of site out there, including e-commerce websites, and one of the biggest reasons for that is the WP e-Commerce plugin. If you’re thinking of trying it out but have no idea where to start, this crash course by 1st Web Designer should help.

If you have not ever created an e-commerce website before, then this crash course is best-suited for you. I am considering that you are totally an idiot when it comes to e-commerce websites. At the end we will also talk about how a developer can integrate e-commerce features in his WordPress theme. So I will say this tutorial will take you from beginner level and at the end you can continue with creating e-commerce websites with WordPress as a developer.

It can also give you a good idea of the plugin’s capabilities and limitations—no use trying to force it into submission when there are specialized shopping cart systems that can do the job in a less hacky way.

Still, let’s hope WordPress provides more functionalities that can push it in the direction of creating ideal WordPress-powered online shops in the same way BuddyPress paved the way for a WordPress-powered social network.

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Pinoy WordPress Plugin: Sideblog

September 13, 2010 | 1 Comment

Want to write about miscellaneous topics, but they don’t quite fit into the main purpose of your blog? Sideblog, created by Ilonggo developer Kates Gasis, is a great solution to that.

Choose at least one category to use in your sideblog, then configure how it will be displayed (typically as a list) and how many will be displayed. Finally, you can also set whether these sideblog posts will appear in your feeds.

Download Sideblog | Plugins by Kates Gasis | View Example

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Pinoy WordPress Plugin: Comment Hilite

August 24, 2010 | No Comments Yet

Show some comment love by highlighting notable comments on your blog posts with Comment Hilite. This WordPress plugin is 100% Pinoy and is made by Markku Seguerra.

Download Comment Hilite | Plugins by Markku Seguerra

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WordPress Plugin: Vote for Plugins

May 18, 2010 | No Comments Yet

Vote for Plugins lets you help contribute to the WordPress.org plugin ratings without having to leave your admin panel.

The WordPress.org plugin directory has a neat rating system that lets users rate plugins both on overall quality and on compatibility with specific WP versions. However, its usefulness is stymied by poor integration with WordPress itself. To try to remedy that, I’ve created a plugin that lets you vote on plugins directly from your Dashboard.

Once installed you’ll be asked for your WP.org account details so your vote can be counted. Then at the plugins list, you can indicate whether a plugin you’re using works or is broken, and give it a rating from 0 to 5 stars.

Vote for Plugins is an easy candidate for canonical plugin or even a core feature, considering the useful information it can add to the community.

Download Vote for Plugins

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WordPress Plugin: Import from Ning

April 19, 2010 | No Comments Yet

With hosted social network service Ning announcing that it will no longer support free accounts, people are scurrying to find a suitable alternative, and WordPress / BuddyPress is one such example. Seems like a good opportunity to capture that market.

Should you decide to go that route, Import from Ning makes the transition that much easier.

Allows users to import the users of a Ning community into a WordPress installation. When BuddyPress is installed, the plugin also gives the option of importing additional profile data into BuddyPress profiles.

Download Import from Ning

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Must-have plugins for every WordPress blog

April 2, 2010 | 1 Comment

BloggingPro compiles a list of 10 + 5 WordPress plugins every blog should have. It covers the basics from good ol’ Akismet to security, performance, and analytics plugins.

It doesn’t matter what the aim of your is blog, whether you set out to become the next person getting rich in only 4 hours per week, want to run the hottest dating column in town, aim to take Arrington’s crown or just want to blog for fun, if you chose for WordPress there are some basics your blog needs.

The shortlist:

  • A Solid Theme
  • Akismet
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Align RSS Images
  • AntiVirus for WordPress
  • Subscribe to comments
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP.com stats
  • WP Twitip-ID
  • FeedBurner FeedSmith
  • The Excerpt Reloaded
  • WP Footnotes
  • Future Dashboard Widget
  • WP Table Reloaded

What’s on your must-have plugins list?

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WordPress & BuddyPress Plugin: Facestream

March 24, 2010 | No Comments Yet

Facestream synchronizes Facebook and BuddyPress streams, including posting, replying, and filtering abilities. “Everything is designed for easy-intergration, easy-setup and easy-usability. With a lots of admin and per user settings.” WPMU.org has a nice walkthrough on setting it up.

The plugin requires WordPress 2.9.1+ and BuddyPress 1.2+. Also check out Tweetstream, which does the same thing for a BuddyPress install, but this time for Twitter.

Download Facestream

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WordPress Plugin: Favorites Menu Manager

March 12, 2010 | No Comments Yet

Favorites Menu Manager lets you customize the drop-down menu located at the top right of the WordPress admin screen.

Favorites Menu Manager allows you unfettered customization of that dropdown menu. You can easily add your own links, remove existing ones, and put them in the order you desire. Customizations are stored on a per-user basis, so each user can have their own collection of frequently used links.

You can also customize the Favorites Menu with code depending on which page is loaded in the admin panel, but doing so using a plugin is of course more convenient.

Download Favorites Menu Manager

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WordPress.com goes real-time with PubSubHubbub

March 5, 2010 | No Comments Yet

PubSubHubbub or PuSH is a new protocol that makes publishing go real-time: instead of readers like Google Reader or Netvibes checking a website RSS or Atom feed every so often for new content, PubSubHubbub “pushes” the new content into the stream as soon as it is published. That feature has been enabled on all WordPress.com blogs.

WordPress.org users can also enjoy PubSubHubbub with the PuSHPress plugin available in the Plugins Directory. This turns your WP blog into a hub of its own that can send updates directly, without going through another hub.

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WordPress Plugin: Zen: Distraction-Free Writing

February 18, 2010 | 1 Comment

Zen WordPress plugin

Zen is a WordPress plugin that lets you focus on writing by eliminating all the unnecessary elements in the WordPress admin.

If you’re a fan of WriteRoom, OmmWriter, or similar tools that help you focus on your words instead of the tools you’re using, this plugin will soon make your wildest dreams come true (and give you a simple clean environment within WordPress to write to your heart’s content)! While Zen does not replace the existing Edit Post/Page screen, it provides a layer on top that will help you focus more on the quality of your words and less on the distracting fine-tuning of minuscule details.

The plugin comes with different themes from light to dark, and can be toggled with shortcut keys. Compose blog posts as you normally would in the text editor, with or without HTML. Autosaving also works with Zen.

Download Zen

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WordPress Plugin: Zopim Live Chat

February 2, 2010 | 1 Comment

Zopim Live Chat WordPress plugin

Zopim Live Chat lets you add a live chat box to better interact with one’s website visitors. Get live statistics, secure chat, the ability to reply via your IM client, and more.

The service is free for 2 concurrent chats and 1 IM chat bot, but the paid plains give you more access. This also means you’ll need to create an account with Zopim, but you can do that from within the plugin options page.

Complete features are listed here. Download Zopim Live Chat

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WordPress Plugin: WordPress Loop widget

January 25, 2010 | No Comments Yet

WordPress Loop Widget

The WordPress Loop is a special widget that lets you create custom loops using over 35 different options, from post types and categories to custom fields and taxonomies.

The widget has over 35 options to choose from. Customize your WordPress loop by one or more post types, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, authors, dates, custom fields, and a whole lot more!

In addition, it has support for post thumbnails, sticky posts, pagination, offsetting, customizable content length (by word count), and you can change the ordering from a variety of options.

While this widget was created with non-PHP users in mind, it also comes with 4 action hooks using the WP_Query class. More details here.

The widget requires version WordPress 2.9 and higher. Once installed, you can configure the settings in the Widgets area. Download WordPress Loop

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3 backup plugins reviewed

January 12, 2010 | No Comments Yet

Blogging Tips reviews three WordPress backup plugins, DBC Backup, WP-DBManager, and WP-DB-Backup. According to them DBC comes out on top, but go check out the review to see which one meets your specific needs. There’s always the WordPress plugins directory, too.

I prefer to do my backups from within my host’s cPanel so that all of my site gets backed up, not just my WordPress install, but using plugins makes things easier.

In any case, having a backup plan is better than none at all. If you haven’t started or need to brush up on your blog backup habit, there’s no time like the present. And it’s peanuts to install a WordPress plugin these days, so no excuses!

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TypeKit for WordPress.com, WordPress.org, and WordPress MU

December 23, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Good news for WordPress users looking to unleash the typography aficionado within: custom font embedding service TypeKit has released support for all flavors of WordPress.

For WordPress.com, it’s already built in:

Log into your WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance in the left-hand navbar. There, you’ll find “Typekit Fonts” with a place to add your Kit ID (available under “Embed Code” in the Typekit Editor). That’s it — you’re ready to go. You can choose fonts from our rapidly growing library to add them to any of the WordPress themes to give your blog a distinct look.

For WordPress.org, there are a couple of plugins you can use from the official directory.

For WordPress MU, there’s a special plugin you can use as well.

This is great news for both the web design and blogging communities: through plugins and integration with TypeKit it’s now a lot easier to incorporate the next big thing in creating more beautiful websites.

(Via WPLover)

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Rise of the WordPress “canonical” plugins

December 9, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Over at the WordPress Development blog, a poll is being held to see which term the community prefers to call “canonical” plugins, which are developed closely with the WordPress core.

Canonical plugins would be plugins that are community developed (multiple developers, not just one person) and address the most popular functionality requests with superlative execution. These plugins would be GPL and live in the WordPress.org repo, and would be developed in close connection with WordPress core. There would be a very strong relationship between core and these plugins that ensured that a) the plugin code would be secure and the best possible example of coding standards, and b) that new versions of WordPress would be tested against these plugins prior to release to ensure compatibility. There would be a screen within the Plugins section of the WordPress admin to feature these canonical plugins as a kind of Editor’s Choice or Verified guarantee. These plugins would be a true extension of core WordPress in terms of compatibility, security and support.

The issue is that the term “canonical” may be confusing for a lot of people, so the development team would like to know if there’s a better suited name for this class of plugins. Voting ends on December 10 at 11:59pm UTC time.

I’m more excited, though, about the actual existence of these plugins because they’re setting high standards for the WordPress project. More importantly, they address the issue of how many features should go into the WordPress core before it succumbs to bloat, if it hasn’t already.

I’d love to see examples of such plugins in the coming days. They could be things we’ve already installed on our WordPress sites, or cool new ideas we’d find useful all the same.

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WordPress Plugin: My Snippets

December 7, 2009 | No Comments Yet

My Snippets lets you add custom widgets depending on the post displayed. It adds a custom meta box where you can add text or code, which shows up in your widget areas.

What I wanted was something that allowed me to control widget content from the post editor, so I wouldn’t have to worry about setting my widgets. This gave me the idea for the My Snippets plugin.

What this plugin does is add an extra meta box on the post editor that allows you to input custom content. This content is then displayed using the Snippet widget in any widget area you choose.

This is a really neat idea for making your website more dynamic. Combined with a theme that has lots of widgetized areas, this could very well change the way people compose and add extra information like videos, graphs, or quotes to their blog posts.

Question is, would it be possible to add the meta content to your feed? Because RSS readers certainly shouldn’t be exempt from them. Or perhaps create shortcodes for inserting them into the post editor, but only make them appear in-text if it’s in the feed, and in the widget areas otherwise. Just a suggestion though! There are probably many other uses for this plugin that people can come up with.

Download My Snippets

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WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 winners announced

September 30, 2009 | No Comments Yet

The results of the WordPress Plugin Comeptition 2009 are out, and here are the clever plugins that got the thumbs-ups:

Winner: Section Widget

Godfrey’s plugin provides a way to display section specific content on your WordPress sidebar with an easy to use interface.

First Runner-up: Advanced Export for WP and WPMU

Ron’s plugin provides WordPress users (both WordPress and WordPress Mu) the ability to break up their exports into multiple files with each file containing different sections of their blog. Ron wins $500 in cash.

Second Runner-up: Live Blogging

Chris’ plugin provides live micro blogging functionality to WordPress blogs using Meteor technology. Both comments and posts are automatically updated on viewers’ blogs with the plugin. Chris wins $500 in cash.

Congratulations to all those who participated and organized this contest!

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WordPress Plugin: Search Meter

September 25, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Search Meter WordPress plugin

Search Meter keeps a list of the keywords your blog visitors are searching for. You can access the stats in a page from your admin panel.

If you have a Search box on your blog, Search Meter automatically records what people are searching for — and whether they are finding what they are looking for. Search Meter’s admin interface shows you what people have been searching for in the last couple of days, and in the last week or month. It also shows you which searches have been unsuccessful. If people search your blog and get no results, they’ll probably go elsewhere. With Search Meter, you’ll be able to find out what people are searching for, and give them what they want by creating new posts on those topics.

The plugin also lets you display popular and recent searches on your blog. It’s a nice little idea that benefits you and your readers at the same time.

Download Search Meter

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Automattic gets spelling and grammar checker After the Deadline

September 9, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Automattic has acquired After the Deadline, a next-generation tool that does spelling, grammar, and style checking all in one. It’s now a default feature of WordPress.com, and it’s also available as a plugin for self-hosted WordPress.org sites.

At its core WordPress has always been about writing — that’s why we put so much effort into things like the visual editor, revisions, and auto-save, so you never lose your work. Now you have another arrow in your quiver to help you present the best possible face to your readers and the world.

After the Deadline is an acquisition you probably didn’t see coming, but makes total sense! Kudos to the makers of ATD and Automattic for making the world a better place, at least when it comes to writing.

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WordPress Plugin: Upgrade Notification by Email

September 8, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Upgrade Notification by Email does exactly what it is called: anytime WordPress sends out a new update, your blog administrator’s email inbox will receive a notice that you should upgrade. Now you have no excuse to install the latest, most secure version of WordPress on your website as soon as possible.

This plugin is for you if you don’t look inside of your Admin Panel every day (for example you have tens of wordpress installations) but still want to have wordpress up to date. After installation plugin will check every day if newer version of wordpress is available and if yes, will send email to blog’s admin with notification.

Download Upgrade Notification by Email

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Most downloaded WordPress plugins ever

August 27, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Best Design Options has compiled a list of the 10 most downloaded WordPress plugins of all time. The data is readily available at the WordPress plugin repository, but this post prioritizes download history instead of rating, which the WP site does.

  1. All in One SEO Pack
  2. Akismet
  3. Google XML Sitemaps
  4. NextGEN Gallery
  5. Contact Form 7
  6. WordPress.com Stats
  7. WP Super Cache
  8. Sociable
  9. Google Analyticator
  10. Google Analytics for WordPress

Three Google-related plugins, two of which are for the same purpose—site analytics, but both were beaten by WordPress.com’s own stats service and plugin. Contact Form 7 and NextGEN Gallery are the most popular contact form and gallery plugins, respectively.

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Plugins from the WordPress Plugin Competition 2009

August 11, 2009 | No Comments Yet

The WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 has closed its submissions and Weblog Tools Collection has now announced the complete list of participating plugins. You can download all of them in one ZIP file, too.

There are lots of Twitter/microblogging-related plugins on there, as well as other interesting tools to streamline your blogging and WordPress usage. Don’t forget to participate in the contest by rating the different plugins!

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WordPress Plugin: Absolute Privacy

August 6, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Blogs are usually public publishing platforms, but what if you wanted to keep yours away from prying eyes? Enter Absolute Privacy, a WordPress plugin designed to lockdown your WP blog with all custom user access features. You have to option to hide your blog from viewers who are not logged in and force new registrants to enter their first and last name.

After having a few odd registrations and comments on our family blog, my wife asked me to create a plugin that would give the blog security from strangers but still be easily accessible to family and friends. Absolute Privacy does just that! Absolute Privacy turns your WordPress blog into a fully private site where you control who has access. It’s perfect for family blogs, private communities, and personal websites.

Download Absolute Privacy

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WordPress for freelancing and project management

July 16, 2009 | No Comments Yet

WPCandy has a great guide on using WordPress as a project management application. It’s part of a series for helping freelancers get on their feet with easy-to-use tools such as WP.

There are three suggestions in the article, namely:

The creative uses for WordPress never run out, do they? But between booking systems, link directories, and comics publishing, it seems using WP for project management is the most relatable application so far.

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WordPress Plugin: Injection Attack Protector

July 1, 2009 | No Comments Yet

There are a lot of types of security breaches that threaten your WordPress blog, and spam/malware injection seems to be the most popular of the lot. Fortunately there’s a plugin that helps prevent that called the Injection Attack Protector. This script allows to you to scan your site for possible injection attacks and even a heal tool for the compromised files.

Make sure to follow the given instructions for the plugin to work properly. You’ll need to know how to create a password-protected folder on your site and edit certain files thru a text editor.

Download Injection Attack Protector

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Protect your WordPress blog with these plugins

June 17, 2009 | No Comments Yet

With WordPress 2.8 out, that means it’s upgrade season for us. That also means older, unupdated versions of WP more vulnerable to attacks. Keith Dsouza of Weblog Tools Collection has a list of recommended anti-spam and antivirus plugins to help improve security on your blog:

Anti-spam WordPress Plugins

  1. Akismet
  2. WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam
  3. WP-Hashcash
  5. Math Comment Spam Protection

Security WordPress Plugins

  1. WP Security Scan
  2. WordPress Exploit Scanner
  3. AskApache Password Protect
  4. TTC WordPress Security Tool
  5. Secure WordPress
  6. WordPress Firewall

Check out the blog post for details and download links to each of the plugins listed above. Got any more plugins you can recommend? You can never have enough!

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dotMobi WordPress Pack

May 20, 2009 | No Comments Yet

The dotMobi WordPress back is a jampacked suite containing themes, widgets, and plugins that you can use to make your WP-powered site fully compatible with mobile devices. All courtesy of the dotMobi network.

The pack contains the following functionality:

  • Mobile switcher to detect mobile visitors and provide an appropriate experience
  • Base mobile theme for quick-and-easy XHTML-MP compliance
  • Extended mobile themes so you can unleash your mobile creativity
  • Transcoding and device adaptation to optimise the mobile experience
  • DeviceAtlas integration for world-class adaptation
  • Mobile admin panel for when posts can’t wait
  • Mobile ad widget to make you some money
  • Barcode widget to help users bookmark your blog

Wow, they really thought of everything, from site appearance to administration to monetization. The Web is going mobile, so why not add these extra features since dotMobi makes it very easy for you to do?

Download dotMobi WordPress Pack

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WordPress Plugin: A Year Before

May 6, 2009 | No Comments Yet

A Year Before is WordPress plugin that displays titles of blog posts that were published a specified time ago. For example, display posts exactly a year ago, or something more recent like a month ago.

You can insert the code for this plugin into your theme files or use the sidebar widget provided.

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WordPress Plugin: p2pConverter

April 29, 2009 | No Comments Yet

p2pConverter converts posts to static pages and vice versa. Once installed, this functionality is available in both the Edit Post/Page and the Posts/Pages screens. Additionally, you can set which user roles can use this converter.

If you want to convert a Page or a Post to the either, click that button. Or you can click the Convert button while editing a Post or Page right next to the Delete and Publish buttons.

Download p2pConverter

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WordPress Plugin: Ads For Old Posts

April 6, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Ads for Old Posts lets you assign special advertisements for posts that have been around for a specified amount of time. Just enter the ad code and the minimum number of days a post has to be in the plugin settings panel and you’re all set!

A good idea if you want to reduce the amount of advertising on your blog.

Download Ads For Old Posts

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WordPress Plugin: Earth Hour for WordPress

March 26, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Earth Hour WordPress plugin

Brave New Code has a special WordPress plugin just for the upcoming Earth Hour event this March 28. What it does is temporarily shut down your blog for the duration of Earth Hour.

Once the plugin is installed your site will display a banner (shown here on our website) that will not only show others that you support the Earth Hour initiative, but will also show a count of how many other WordPress sites in the world are also supporting Earth Hour.

Download Earth Hour for WordPress

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WordPress and Twitter, sitting in a tree

March 16, 2009 | 1 Comment

Twitter is a microblogging service people are raving over for some time now. While you can use it on its own, it’s grown into just about anything and everything people want it to be: a new mingling lounge, a broadcast medium, a zeitgeist, and even a way to make a few bucks.

Now integrating Twitter and WordPress makes things a lot more interesting:

Oh, and we’re also on Twitter so add us up!

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WordPress Plugin: Related Ways to Take Action

February 27, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Related Ways to Take Action is a WordPress plugin that analyzes your blog posts and displays related links that encourages readers to take social action.

The WordPress plugin works by scanning each of your posts for the top three keywords and then searches for related actions from Change.org, GlobalGiving.com, Idealist.org, DonorsChoose.org, Kiva, Care2 and over twenty other Social Action Platforms. It then automatically loads the top three campaigns for those keywords at the bottom of each of your posts.

It’s part of the Change the Web challenge, which invites people to promote social change using web-based tools. Aside from WordPress, web companies like PayPal, Mozilla, and Mashable are participating.

Download Related Ways to Take Action

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Plugins for specifying canonical URLs for SEO

February 24, 2009 | No Comments Yet

The almighty Google has come out with guidelines for dealing with duplicate content by specifying a canonical URLs (preferred URLs) in the <head> of a webpage, like so:

Now, you can simply add this tag to specify your preferred version:

<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.example.com/product.php?item=swedish-fish" />

inside the <head> section of the duplicate content URLs:


Since WordPress generates webpages dynamically, it’s best to comply with this SEO practice with plugins. WordPress Garage lists two you can try out, and I’ve added one more from the Plugin Directory:

See also Matt Cutts’s post and presentation and the Google Webmasters Help page on Canonical URLs.

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Plugins for a client-friendly WordPress CMS

February 17, 2009 | No Comments Yet

StylizedWeb lists 10 steps to making a client-friendly website that’s powered by WordPress with the help of plugins. To customize the admin, for example, check these out:

The Custom Admin Branding plugin will let you swap out logos in the administration panels for your own, or your clients (depending on how you want to brand WordPress).

WP Admin Theme Extended will let you easily adjust and tweak the color scheme of the administration panel. Again this will let you either pick your branded colors, or your clients for the administration panel.

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WordPress Plugin: Visual Recent Posts

January 13, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Visual Recent Posts automatically extracts images from within your posts and turns them into thumbnails representations of them, magazine-style. See how they can look like in the VRP Screenshots page.

It extracts the images from your recent posts and makes them pretty. You can include your post title and excerpt along with the image, all of which link to the original post. If you want, you can also specify a featured post to stand out among the rest.

No need to enter extra custom fields for each post (which you might forget to do sometimes) and upload extra images just to have post thumbnails. Just pick your preferences in the plugin’s options page and you’re all set.

Download Visual Recent Posts

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WordPress Plugin: PowerPress

January 6, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Are you a podcaster or interested to get into podcasting? Try PowerPress, a shiny new podcasting plugin that provides high compatibility and easy integration with your blog, RSS feeds, and podcast directories (including iTunes and Zune Marketplace). Compatible with WP version 2.5 and higher.

Features include:

  • Easily add/modify/remove podcast episodes from blog posts and pages
  • Integrated audio/video media player
  • iTunes RSS tags
  • iTunes album/cover art
  • Standard RSS Feed album/cover art
  • Podcast only RSS feed
  • Ability to upload new cover art
  • Ping iTunes
  • Media size detection
  • Duration length detection (mp3 only)
  • 3rd party statistics integration

Download PowerPress

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Top 10 WordPress plugin developers

December 29, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Here’s a nice twist to the usual top 10 plugin list you can find on WordPress.org: the Top 10 WordPress Plugin Developers. Automattic chief (Chief BBQ Taste Tester, that is!) Matt Mullenweg is at number 2.

  1. Michael Torbert
  2. Matt Mullenweg
  3. Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan
  4. Arne Brachhold
  5. Andy Skelton
  6. Alex Rabe
  7. Oliver Seidel
  8. Joost de Valk
  9. Donncha O Caoimh
  10. Vladimir Prelovac

I think it’s a great way to check out new plugins aside from the ones we already know and love. And how about leaving them a tip or at least some kind words for all the hard work they’ve done (especially now during the holidays).

Check out the bonus special mentions too—makes for interesting WordPress trivia!

(Via Weblog Tools Collection)

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Pinoy WordPress Plugin: Strip!

December 3, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Strip! is a WordPress plugin by Markku Seguerra that “strips” away links inside comments. (Don’t worry, you can put them back.)

I developed Strip! because of an interesting trend in the behavior of my commenters: some would respond to my share their thoughts on a given post, but unfortunately link to some off-topic pages at the bottom of their comment. Typically, I can just mark the comment as spam or disapprove it, or just delete it. But there are times when the on–topic part of their comment is admittedly necessary and helpful to the discussion — this is where I use my Strip! plugin.

Interesting note: if you attended WordCamp Philippines and attended his talk, this is the plugin he was demonstrating then.

Download Strip! | Plugins by Markku Seguerra

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IntenseDebate reopens after Automattic acquisition, new WordPress plugin available

November 15, 2008 | No Comments Yet

IntenseDebate reopens after going invite-only since its acquisition by Automattic. So for those who haven’t signed up for an account, now you can.

And of course, they’ve made it especially easy to use for WordPress users with a new beta plugin, with the following features:

  • Two-Way Comment Sync (comments are saved both in your WordPress database and the IntenseDebate server)
  • Admin Panel Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Trackbacks
  • Profile Sync
  • Post Settings

And more:

Can’t wait to get hold of all the great commenting features included in WordPress 2.7? Get IntenseDebate now!

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Favorite Actions in WordPress 2.7

October 28, 2008 | No Comments Yet

WordPress 2.7 favorite actions

planetOzh writes about a neat little feature coming in WordPress 2.7 called “favorite actions”. It gives you quick access to sections of your admin panel that you frequent the most. This dropdown menu links to “Add New Post”, “Add New Page”, and “Manage Comments” but as mentioned in the blog entry, this can theoretically be modified with a plugin.

Yet another hint of what’s to come in November!

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WordPress Plugin: Akismet 2.2.1 with Stats

October 21, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Our favorite spam-fighting plugin Akismet has a new version, now with statistics:

Spam most people know as the unwanted commercial comments on their blog, its counterpart we call ham to indicate legitimate comments. On the Akismet mistakes side, missed spam is pretty self-explanitory, but a false positive is what it’s called when we incorrectly identify a legitimate comment as spam. (Which hopefully happens exceedingly rarely.) Also, we’re sorry about the vegetarian thing.

All that spam and ham getting you hungry yet? To top it all off, there’s a “Yummy Pie” chart that summarizes your blog’s commenting history. You can find your Akismet Stats beside the link to your Dashboard.

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Is WordPress getting too “fat” and vulnerable?

September 18, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Vladimir Prelovac has written a very insightful critique about the direction of WordPress development. He states several concerns with what this piece of blogging software is turning into. First we have bloat:

But more importantly, I have noticed that WordPress is not developing “far” anymore, and it started going “wide” instead. By this I mean there are less inventions and new technologies with every update. There is just more functionality that relies on current existing technologies.


WordPress started out like Google, but is now becoming more and more like Yahoo. It stopped going “far” and started becoming fat (”wide”). It is becoming slow and clumsy.

Second, we have security issues, most notably with WordPress plugins. Jeff Chandler at Performancing suggests the WordPress community could adopt phpBB’s plugin validation system.

All in all, Vladimir wants WordPress to focus on speed, simplicity, and security in future WordPress versions.

You’ll find Matt Mullenweg’s answers in the comments section. He mentions WP 2.3 is a lot more bloated and insecure than WP 2.6—better beware of this fact for those who haven’t upgraded! He also says he’s aware of speed issues, hence the integration with Google Gears, and the constant drive towards improving the backend:

I’m obsessed with speed. On the backend WP has done a ton to speed itself up, as evidenced by the fact that it now runs the largest blogs in the world. More than 1.6 billion pageviews a month are going through WordPress.

As for plugins, this is what Matt had to say:

There are some automated things we do to watch out for bad stuff but ultimately I think we need a human team of volunteers to keep an eye on plugin changesets. Is this something you’d be interested in helping out with?

What do you think? I think that as long as there is a strong community backing up WordPress, such issues will never go unnoticed. I can only hope that this same community continues to help out with new initiatives, such as plugin and theme inspection.

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Winners of the WordPress Plugin Competition 2.5 announced

September 16, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Download some highly useful WordPress plugins from the winners of the recently-concluded WordPress Plugin Competition 2.5 by Weblog Tools Collection:

Best WPMU compatible plugin, First Prize

Best WPMU compatible plugin, Consolation Prize

Consolation Prize

WP Easy Uploader
Third Prize

Second Prize

WP Comment Remix
Grand Prize

Congratulations to all the participants (who each received $10 for their efforts)!

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Early preview of WordPress 2.7

September 4, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Although WordPress is still a long way from being released, Weblog Tools Collection has posted several screenshots of WordPress 2.7 that reveal changes that improve upon the last major interface upgrade from WordPress 2.5. Here are some quotes from the blog post:

  • “There is now a left hand side navigational column.”
  • “The Write Panel in WordPress 2.7 has gone through an overhaul as well. I think you’ll really enjoy the fact that drag and drop elements are back.”
  • “Browsing and installing plugins from the respository looks to become even more convenient now that you can do both from the WordPress back end.”
  • “You can now configure a large image size, default image size, default image alignment, and default image links. Very nice, time saving options.”

Looks like another exciting release in the history of WordPress. Watch out for more developments at the WordPress Codex page dedicated to WordPress 2.7.

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Pinoy WordPress Plugin: Daily Top 10 Posts

August 28, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Daily Top 10 Posts is a plugin by Andrew dela Serna that tracks the how many hits each of your blog posts receive. It then lists the most popular for the day as well as the most popular overall.

Download Daily Top 10 Posts | Plugins by Andrew dela Serna

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WordPress Plugin: Manageable

August 12, 2008 | No Comments Yet


Manageable is an excellent plugin that lets you edit attributes of WordPress posts and pages without having to load them one by one. People who need to mass edit entries will find this a godsend.

Simply double-click anywhere in the post or page row and when you’re done, press enter. Alternately, you can click the link in the new “Edit” column.

Download Manageable

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What’s coming in WordPress 2.7

August 6, 2008 | No Comments Yet

The new features planned for WordPress 2.7 are spreading around in the blogosphere, so here’s what to expect:

Proposed New Features

This is a WordPress Codex article on what will “definitely be in 2.7”. Since it’s in the Codex, it must be pretty official.

Features Planned for WordPress 2.7

This is a report from Weblog Tools Collection based on the discussions at the Codex and informal meetings in the IRC. As WordPress Garage has noted, it appears that WP 2.7 will be “heavily based on existing plugins”. See also Quick Online Tips

WordPress 2.7 Theming May Change Everything

This is a project by Ian Stewart on Parent and Child Themes. He’s put up a Trac proposal and it seems to be working well with the bleeding edge version of WordPress.

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WordPress Theme Directory moves to WordPress Extend

July 18, 2008 | 1 Comment

You might remember that the official repository of WordPress themes was once hosted at themes.wordpress.net, but unfortunately had to close down for several reasons. Today, WordPress Themes has reopened at a new location at WordPress Extend, a fitting parallel to the Plugins section.

Bringing the new theme directory under the WordPress “extend” umbrella allowed us to take advantage of all the infrastructure that has already been built up to support WordPress.org. If you’ve browsed through the plugin directory, you’ll feel right at home in the new theme directory.

Aside from having the privilege of being at the official site of WordPress, themes uploaded there will be more convenient to update for ordinary WordPress users, as they have done with the automatic plugin updater already built into the latest version of WP.

However, theme authors, keep in mind that you must meet several requirements to get your themes listed. As with the recent development on the old themes.wordpress.net, themes with hidden, paid, or sponsored links are not allowed.

In order to be added to the directory each theme must meet the following

  1. A single zip file, with all of the files themes file included.
  2. There must be a style.css file containing:
    1. Name (which must be unique to the directory)
    2. Tags
    3. Version (in the format of x.x or x.x.x and must be unique to the theme)
    4. Image align classes: img.centered, img.alignright, img.alignleft,
      .alignright, .alignleft
  3. The screenshot file name must be screenshot.png, and be a
    real screenshot of the theme, not a splash screen.
  4. Licensing must be GPL compatible.
  5. No hidden, paid or sponsored links in the theme. Links back to the
    author’s site are fine.
  6. The theme must be your own original work.

Upload your WordPress theme now!

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