Top 10 WordPress plugin developers

December 29, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Here’s a nice twist to the usual top 10 plugin list you can find on the Top 10 WordPress Plugin Developers. Automattic chief (Chief BBQ Taste Tester, that is!) Matt Mullenweg is at number 2.

  1. Michael Torbert
  2. Matt Mullenweg
  3. Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan
  4. Arne Brachhold
  5. Andy Skelton
  6. Alex Rabe
  7. Oliver Seidel
  8. Joost de Valk
  9. Donncha O Caoimh
  10. Vladimir Prelovac

I think it’s a great way to check out new plugins aside from the ones we already know and love. And how about leaving them a tip or at least some kind words for all the hard work they’ve done (especially now during the holidays).

Check out the bonus special mentions too—makes for interesting WordPress trivia!

(Via Weblog Tools Collection)

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Pinoy WordPress Plugin: Daily Top 10 Posts

August 28, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Daily Top 10 Posts is a plugin by Andrew dela Serna that tracks the how many hits each of your blog posts receive. It then lists the most popular for the day as well as the most popular overall.

Download Daily Top 10 Posts | Plugins by Andrew dela Serna

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