Count your feed subscribers for blog contests

August 10, 2010 | No Comments Yet

Let’s not ask why subscribing to one’s blog is a common criterion for all the blog contests out there; let’s be thankful Thaya Kareeson over at Weblog Tools Collection has written a helpful tutorial for keeping track of new subscribers to your RSS feed.

The technique involves adding a special contest code that appears only in the feed, which subscribers can use to indicate they are indeed subscribed:

A known solution to this problem is to include a special contest code into your RSS feed and not have this code visible on your website. That way each contestant will be forced to grab the code from your feed and submit the code via comments to verify that they have subscribed to the RSS feed.

Even if you’re uncomfortable with editing PHP, all you have to do is copy the code given in the article and you should be good to go. All in all, this is a smart technique that should help you out for your next blog contest!

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The Missing Google Analytics Manual

February 11, 2010 | No Comments Yet

For those of you haven’t poked around Google Analytics, it’s not as scary or complicated as it looks. The Missing Google Analytics Manual is a compilation of tutorials to maximize use of this website statistics tool. It’s a long list of articles and videos covering setup, goal tracking, filters, reports, and more.

This article by Smashing Magazine seems a little more organized so you might want to bookmark that too, but what I’d really like is an easy to read wiki slash eBook like the Complete Guide to Google Wave.

Either way, the key to running a successful website and growing as a blogger is taking a step back and figuring out how to improve. For those who aren’t fond of numbers and charts, these guides should make that process a little easier.

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Philippines Top 100 blogs in 2009 according to

January 27, 2010 | No Comments Yet

Pinoy Money Talk has compiled a list of the top 100 Filipino blogs for 2009, ranked according to traffic using statistics from Also listed were the biggest gainers, losers, and newcomers to the list.

Finally, we bring you our listing of the Top 50 Blogs in the Philippines for the year 2009, ranked based on each blog’s 3-month traffic rank.

We started monitoring blogs in 2008 (see our 2008 Top 50 Philippine Blogs list) and, in 2009, we see a diverse collection of old and new blogs alike.

In this list, 19 blogs or 20% of the Top 50 entered the list for the first time in 2009. They either became popular or started only in 2009. This means the length of time a person has been blogging does not necessarily translate to higher traffic rank.

PMT itself, which is 6th on the list in 2009, admits that the ranking is flawed (the traffic stats are only for 3 months; it also removed porn and warez sites from the list), but still gives people a good grasp of the biggest names in the Philippine blogosphere. View the complete top 100 list here.

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WordPress fastest growing in-demand skill for 2008

January 14, 2009 | 1 Comment

WordPress lovers, rejoice! oDesk is reporting that WordPress is the fastest growing skill that was in demand for 2008.

Skill/Experience Openings Last 60 Days 2007 Openings Last 60 Days 2008 Change
WordPress 37 195 427.0%
Writing* 32 138 331.3%
Excel* 30 118 293.3%
SEO 73 250 242.5%
XHTML 24 61 154.2%
Linux 23 58 152.2%
Drupal 70 169 141.4%
Joomla 157 352 124.2%
CSS 119 250 110.1%
Graphic Design* 20 42 110.0%

*Because writing, graphic design, and excel have small starting points, we believe their change reflects oDesk growth, not a general trend.

Check out the growth of WordPress jobs for the past year:

oDesk WordPress jobs chart

For more information on the study, check out this presentation at SlideShare and this blog post.

(Via WordPress Publisher Blog)

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WordPress Plugin: Akismet 2.2.1 with Stats

October 21, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Our favorite spam-fighting plugin Akismet has a new version, now with statistics:

Spam most people know as the unwanted commercial comments on their blog, its counterpart we call ham to indicate legitimate comments. On the Akismet mistakes side, missed spam is pretty self-explanitory, but a false positive is what it’s called when we incorrectly identify a legitimate comment as spam. (Which hopefully happens exceedingly rarely.) Also, we’re sorry about the vegetarian thing.

All that spam and ham getting you hungry yet? To top it all off, there’s a “Yummy Pie” chart that summarizes your blog’s commenting history. You can find your Akismet Stats beside the link to your Dashboard.

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2.3 Million Filipino Bloggers

May 16, 2008 | 6 Comments

Here’s a list of Philippine internet and blogging usage by the numbers, according to the Wave.3 Social Media Tracker (PDF file, 25.66 MB) by Universal McCann, a New York media agency.

  • 14 million use the internet (15.4% penetration rate as of April 2007)
  • 3.7 million actively use the internet (as of March 2008)

Out of the 3.7 million active users (between 16 to 54 years old):

  • 3.6 million / 98.6% : watch videos
  • 3.3 million / 90.3% : read blogs
  • 3.1 million / 86.4% : post pictures
  • 3.0 million / 83.1% : create profiles on social networks
  • 2.3 million / 65.8% : have a blog
  • 2.2 million / 60.5% : upload videos
  • 2.2 million / 61.8% : listen to podcasts
  • 1.6 million / 45.2% : subscribe to feeds

(Note: some figures were rounded down or roughly calculated to complete the number-and-percentage pairings.)

It’s interesting to see that podcasts are actually more popular than feeds even though they’re usually powered by syndication technologies.

(Via 100% Batangueno)

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