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August 20, 2008 | No Comments Yet is the newest service that lets you discover the best of the blogosphere. It’s a creation of the same people who brought you blogging software rivals to WordPress, but everyone is encouraged to submit their favorite blogs for approval.

You can quickly and easily find blogs by category and topic or read daily blog roundups of some of the best blog content around the Web. Top 10 Lists from celebrity bloggers and influencers also help you discover new blogs, and everyone is invited to create their own Top 10 lists to share with the community. also produces a free weekly email newsletter so you can get the best in blogs delivered to your inbox.

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WordPress Plugins: TypePad AntiSpam for WordPress and Stats for Movable Type

June 4, 2008 | 1 Comment

WordPress and are Automattic products, while Movable Type and TypePad are SixApart products. These two companies are fierce competitors for the blogging platform crown, but here’s a surprise: you can actually use two of their plugins for the “opposing camp”.

TypePad AntiSpam

TypePad AntiSpam is SixApart’s answer to Automattic’s Akismet. It’s completely compatible with the latter, and like it you’ll need to register for an API key, also for free. Get started here. Stats Stats is an analytics program for self-hosted WordPress and users alike. Movable Type users can run this plugin as well, but they’ll also need a corresponding API key. Complete details found here.

It’s clear that these two companies are looking to expand their userbase not just with their blog software but with other projects in tow.

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