Real-time blogging through IM on

October 13, 2009 | No Comments Yet users have yet another fascinating new feature to play with that will bring blogging straight into the real-time era. Using a Jabber- and XMPP-based instant messaging (IM) client, you can post and subscribe to blogs, and it all happens inside chat windows. The video below explains how to get started:

At we have been experimenting with instant delivery of blog posts and comments. We started by providing a firehose for our partners but that was only the beginning. Now you can subscribe to blogs in your Jabber IM client and receive posts and comments the instant they are published. It is also possible to post to blogs from the chat client. In time we plan to add these real-time features to web pages. Soon the conversations on blogs will be as fast as chat rooms.

Read more about Real-Time Blogs using here.

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Get started on moblogging

August 28, 2009 | No Comments Yet

So you have a blog, but have you taken it to the next level with moblogging, or mobile blogging? This introduction by Pro Blog Design should convince you to.

Back in the old days, writers like Ernest Hemingway never traveled anywhere without their notebooks. Who knew when inspiration could hit? This century’s notebook is the cellphone. If you come up with an interesting hypothesis on dinosaurs, why would you risk waiting until you got home to write about it? If you see a stellar sunset, how could you possibly go home to retrieve your camera in enough time to capture it? If you’re a moblogger, you’re fortunate that when inspiration makes it surprise visit, you’ll be ready with your phone in hand.

Now more than ever is it essential to blog while on the go, as the Real-Time Web is upon us. Covering breaking news live and before anyone else makes all the difference these days.

The article also has a list of recommended plugins for moblogging using WordPress, as well as alternative services Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr, and 3rd-party apps like Shozu and SpinVox.

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WordPress 2.8 sends pings by the hour, not instantly

July 21, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Update (07/22/09): “The delay in ping will change back to direct ping in WordPress 2.8.3.” As posted here.

Curious discovery from En Sur Karamell: changes have been made in WordPress 2.8 to the way pingbacks are being sent. Instead of immediate, real-time notifications pings are now being batch queued by the hour. The post points to the specific code which does so.

To fix the problem you can always modify the code or use MaxBlogPress Optimizer (requires signing up to the developers mailing list), but the question is if the WP development team should’ve announced this change.

For people who don’t really need the real-time benefit of pingbacks, this shouldn’t matter, and can enjoy the optimization this feature change provides. But most blogs don’t really send that many pings, do they? And the author of the blog post argues that now, more than ever, should we be embracing the Real-Time Web—why should WordPress take one step back?

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