Tip: create a blogging workflow

July 15, 2010 | No Comments Yet

Chris Brogan writes that keeping up a steady blogging pace is no easy task, so you need to be ready with goals, tasks, tools that can help you out when that “blog drought” comes.

See what makes the front page of Digg.com (or your industry’s most likely haunt) – learning by emulating is an important blogging skill. Don’t be a clone, but if you pick up some tricks from writers you come to admire, all the better.

The article contains lots of excellent tips for those who still haven’t quite kept up with their blogging routines. It’s useful for amateur and professional bloggers alike.

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20 bloggers turned entrepreneurs

September 11, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Income Diary lists 20 people who started out as bloggers and have come a long way since. Find out where the likes of Perez Hilton, Darren Rowse, Tim Ferris, and Michelle Malkin are today because they started blogging.

Darren’s success has earned him great fame and he was awarded the Best Web Development Weblog blog award in 2006 for ProBlogger. In 2007, he was also named in the Forbes Celebrity List. In the following year, Darren co-authored the book ‘ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income (Wiley) and founded TwiTip – a blog dedicated to Twitter Tips. Preferring to live a simple life, Darren lives in Melbourne, Australia but does frequent traveling for numerous speaking engagements.

They’re newsmakers, kingmakers, book authors, and celebrated public figures just like celebrities. These condensed success stories should inspire you to take your blogging to the next level, and maybe someday lead you to something infinitely rewarding.

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Maven Secrets Pilot Program by Anton Diaz

January 28, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet has come up with an exclusive 90-day program on internet marketing and professional blogging for his readers:

I learned a lot from all the strategies and techniques I picked up from different gurus. I was able to apply them to OAP, which eventually became one of the top blogs on Food and Travel in the Philippines.

My single biggest realization through it all was: You need to become a Maven to win online.

It’s nice to see that our local probloggers are taking the time out to give back to their audience. Although many strategies from the likes of Darren Rowse and Jeremy Shoemaker should apply to Philippine blogs, there are other local factors that we should take into consideration, so it pays to learn from those who’ve done it well.

So do you want to be just as successful as Anton? Sign up for the program here. Slots are limited, so hurry!

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Blogging from Home book by Janette Toral launched

August 21, 2008 | 1 Comment

Blogging from Home by Janette Toral

One way to tell a professional blogger has achieved massive success is when he—in this case, she—releases a book. Yes, the digital Filipino and and influential blogger extraordinaire Janette Toral has launched her book called Blogging from Home last week at the Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit.

Blogging from Home was written for easy reading and designed for the typical Internet user who wants to learn about blogging and its various use for business or personal intent.

So how can you buy the book? You can go online or pick it up from one of the leading bookstores.

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Answer a Blogging Survey, win the ProBlogger Book!

May 20, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Contribute to this Global Blogger and Blogging Survey and you might just win the ProBlogger Book!

Ten lucky people stand to win this authoritative guide on earning money through blogging, written by no less than Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett.

No exact word on when the survey closes, so you’ll have to watch Chris’s blog for any new developments. Answer the survey here.

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Blogging May Not Be Deadly, But It Has a Whole Sweatshop of Other Problems

April 7, 2008 | 4 Comments

It’s currently the hottest story at TechMeme. The New York Times reports that “In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop“. Drop dead, that is. They consider professional blogging a “digital-era sweatshop”, referring to a factory where its workers are sorely underpaid and unprotected.

Bloggers call it a really low blow. Of course it’s concluding that blogging can be the death of you is full of hype and hot air; as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you shouldn’t have a problem. You don’t even need to be a blogger, or a web worker in general, to have this problem. (I suggest you read the Top 10 Quotes Against Work to see just how wretched are lives our because of work.)

The Big But

But I have to say that NYT is going somewhere with its term, sweatshop.

I believe that unless you’re a high-profile blogger, you are suffering in a new kind of sweatshop. Since we are only beginning to lay the groundwork for web-based employment, we lack the very same labor rights older generations have fought for at the beginning of the 20th century! How very modern of the Web, isn’t it? Indeed, there are very many questions that need to be answered, but I have to wonder if anybody is asking them at all.

Fighting for online “labor” rights in a Philippine setting is harder. Isn’t cheap labor exactly why outsourcing is such a big thing in the Philippines? They allow themselves to be worth much less than their foreign counterparts so that more opportunities may arrive their way. Skellie writes that you should “never write for less than $50 for a 500+ word post — even when you’re just starting out.” If you’re a Pinoy problogger and you’re earning $50 a post, can you raise your hand? I’d love to know the name of your employer.

American bloggers will soon enjoy health benefits, which is a pretty good sign online media is starting to look a little more legit, but as I have asked before, what about Filipino bloggers? Are they not supposed to enjoy any sort of benefits compared to the office workers of Makati, Eastwood, and Ortigas just because unlike them, they can work anytime, anywhere?

Come to think of it, do Filipino web workers even sign any sort of contract when they engage in online work? (I’m not even going to ask if they pay their taxes.) Do they even care about protecting themselves, in case the company suddenly disappears or turns out to be ripping them off, especially if they are working for them full-time? Who will back them up when they complain that their creations have been plagiarized?

In the U.S., job security has become an issue lately because of the country’s plunging economy, but they’re still a first world country. Foreign employers won’t be worrying about Filipino health benefits! It’s foolish to align ourselves with them all the time just because we can communicate with them more easily over the Internet. The digital divide is still very real, and it’s constantly widening whether we like it or not.

We’ve had tons of blogging summits, conferences, parties, meetups, and all sorts of get-togethers in the past few years. I have to wonder if any of those events have actually addressed these very real and more pressing issues. To borrow a very popular phrase: kung hindi ngayon, kailan? kung hindi rito, saan? kung hindi tayo, sino?

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2007 Top Filipino Probloggers

December 11, 2007 | No Comments Yet

Basapa.com has recently published a list of top Filipino probloggers, and frankly this blogger is quite surprised to have made it to the list. I have been more low-profile in my blogging activities lately, being more focused in developing Splashpress Media properties.

Still, it’s an honor to be considered in the forefront of my peers in the problogging community here in the country.

If you have time, do check out the list of top Filipino probloggers, which includes several known names in the local blogosphere.

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November 21, 2007 | 3 Comments

YugaTech is the blog of Abe Olandres, one of the most well-known professional bloggers in the Philippines. On YugaTech, Abe discusses technology, blog monetization, photography and all things about online entrepreneurship. He also traces his roots from humble rural beginnings to a student urbanite, to now one of the most sought-after blogging personality in the Philippines.

YugaTech is a must read if you’re interested in the blogging and new media scene in the Philippines.

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