How to use the URL shortener for self-hosted WordPress

December 21, 2009 | No Comments Yet users have enjoyed the URL shortener since August, but here’s a neat discovery for self-hosted WordPress users, courtesy of the folks at WP Tavern: if you upgrade to WordPress 2.9 and install the Stats plugin, you can get to use too. Once you type in a post title, a “Get Shortlink” button will appear right beside the “Edit” button for the post permalink. For example, the clicking on said button gives us the shortlink

What do you think of the requirements? Stats buffs probably won’t mind grabbing yet another analytics plugin if they haven’t already. But upgrading to WordPress 2.9 this early might still be discouraging.

What exactly is more attractive about choosing to use over, say, native post ID-based permalinks instead? Probably the number of characters you can save with a much shorter URL.

But take note that both Google and Facebook have just rolled out their own URL shorteners in and Seems like the URL shortening arena is getting more serious competition than ever.

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Shorter WordPress blog post URLs for microblogging

April 25, 2009 | No Comments Yet

No need to send your blog post URLs through a URL shortener like TinyURL or because you can just use WordPress’ built-in system! Here’s proof.

Remember Marghil’s “Plurk This” code for WordPress? It takes advantage of the post_ID permalink to use the shortest post URLs as possible, since in microblogging, every character saved counts.

Plus, since you’re using your own blog URL, followers will know exactly where your link is going, increasing the chances of their clicking on it.

Something to remember next time you promote your latest blog post on Twitter or Plurk.

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Add a Plurk This widget to your WordPress blog

April 16, 2009 | 3 Comments

Plurk is a microblogging platform that’s particularly popular in the Philippines, and just like Twitter it can be used to promote your blog posts with a simple flick of the wrist. Marghil Macuha has written a Plurk This code snippet you can add to your WP theme:

Just copy and paste the code above on your single.php page, preferably below the post title, then modify a little bit to change the domain name and a link to your image (I have a hotlink protector so you have to host your own image, ok? ).

I suggest making a few tweaks to the code, such as using the_permalink() for the full URL and not a hardcoded one, i.e.:<?php the_permalink(); ?>

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