Go Freelance with WordPress

February 7, 2011 | No Comments Yet

WordPress isn’t just a thriving free, open source community, it’s also a very popular business, from premium themes and plugins to large-scale websites. Want a piece of the profitable WP pie? DesignM.ag demystifies one particular aspect of the business: how to freelance with WordPress.

The guide covers not only the techie WordPress jobs like design and development, but also other careers in copywriting, photography, and journalism:

Built right into WordPress are a host of image and gallery features. You can upload, resize, and crop your images. You can align them around text, add captions and links. You can have a page of thumbnails which link to a larger version of the shot. All of this is part of the core WordPress software.

That’s an interesting take on going pro with WordPress you don’t get to see often, so make sure to have a look. It doesn’t stop there, though. There are dozens of site types you can build with WP, and that means different types of freelancers that can take advantage of the publishing platform.

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March 2, 2009 | No Comments Yet


Named after the Philippines’ country code, Plus63 is a great way to keep up with the hippest and most inspiring Filipino artists as they create and impress not only locally, but also internationally.

+63 is a collective blog dedicated to providing an online venue for Philippine creatives. The idea behind +63 is to create a rallying point for the industry by adapting and updating the international country code for the Philippines into a recognizable trademark for Filipino culture, design, and art.

Plus63 dives into the local creative scene and showcases the best of what the Philippines has to offer in design, architecture, fashion, music, photography, and more.

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Photography, Creative Writing and Videography Talk

June 19, 2008 | No Comments Yet

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Bonifacio High Street is sponsoring a talk on photography, creative writing, ande videography on June 24, 7:00 pm.

Speakers will be Ocs Alvarez in photography, Dean Alfar in creative writing, and Mike Cabardo in videography.

To get into this event, leave a comment here. Only 60 slots are available.

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Litratong Pinoy

April 23, 2008 | 1 Comment

Litratong Pinoy

Litratong Pinoy is a website made up of weekly photoblogging challenges, i.e., lingguhang palaro for all Filipino bloggers (as well as Filipino-speaking foreigners) who have an inclination towards photography.

The rules are simple. First you must register at the website and leave a few personal details. Then, every Thursday you’ll post a photo corresponding to the week’s theme on your own blog. The supporting essay for the photo should be written in Tagalog (although Taglish is permitted). You will need to post 2 times before you become a full-fledged L.P. member.

Litratong Pinoy is a great way to unleash one’s own creativity and the love of the Filipino language at the same time.

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November 21, 2007 | 3 Comments

YugaTech is the blog of Abe Olandres, one of the most well-known professional bloggers in the Philippines. On YugaTech, Abe discusses technology, blog monetization, photography and all things about online entrepreneurship. He also traces his roots from humble rural beginnings to a student urbanite, to now one of the most sought-after blogging personality in the Philippines.

YugaTech is a must read if you’re interested in the blogging and new media scene in the Philippines.

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