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PinoyBlogero is the blog of Karlo Licudine, a twentysomething college student writing about the Philippine blogosphere and blogging in general. If you want to learn how to start blogging and become more successful at it, this is the blog to read.

Karlo has gained recognition in several different awards, from an interview in a local newspaper, to joining the ranks of the top probloggers and influential blogs in the country, to winning the best technology blog award in the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards.

Readers of PinoyBlogero will also enjoy his unique brand of comics sprinkled across the different posts (it’s even branched out to a separate blog,

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Manila Bulletin strikes back against Anton Sheker, claims fair use

July 21, 2008 | 3 Comments

Update: Anton Sheker confirms the story and shares his feelings on the matter.

What’s the latest development in this photographer-blogger lawsuit against Manila Bulletin for copyright infringement and damages? The newspaper has filed a counter lawsuit for exemplary and moral damages at 2 million pesos.

According to Abe Olandres, Manila Bulletin “claims fair use in its publication of the photos”. I’m not quite sure if Manila Bulletin or the Philippine copyright law is at fault here. I hope that our lawyer bloggers a.k.a. blawgers lend their expertise on the matter.

How does Anton Sheker feel?

Mixed emotions but the the fight for copyright and how this will affect any dealings with future copyright issues online pushes me forward…I can now scratch out this part of my bucket list!

I’m sure many Filipinos will be disappointed when it just so happens that the plagiarizing party comes out of this unscathed. Fair use or no fair use, does resorting to counter lawsuits and technicalities reflect the ethics of true journalism?

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February 18, 2008 | 1 Comment

Inquirer Blogs

This week, we’re featuring not just one but twenty-three blogs! All of them are under the Philippine Daily Inquirer website,

Inquirer is arguably the most popular, most up-to-date, and most high-tech Philippine publication online. And they’ve taken it a step further through its roster of blogs that cover topics like video games, Apple, music, sports, science, TV, real estate, travel, girls, and even—you guessed it—blogging. It looks like they’ve drawn inspiration from the New York Times and its WordPress-powered blogs.

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