WordPress admin cheatsheet proves it needs a sitemap of its own

March 16, 2010 | 1 Comment

Need to find your way around the WordPress administration interface? While the expanding/collapsing menus to the left may seem useful enough, perhaps you might want a view of all the pages you can visit at once. Enter the WordPress Cheatsheet by Andy Wibbels.

WordPress gets a bit more bloated with each new release and it can be overwhelming when you’re first diving in.

The existence of this cheatsheet indicates there’s something glaringly lacking from the WordPress back-end, and that’s a sitemap of its own. The developers should take note of this and add it to a future release.

Since it’s already feature freeze on WordPress 3.0 as of March 1, then the next one after that.

Download WordPress Cheatsheet

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New features in WordPress 3.0

February 26, 2010 | No Comments Yet

WP Beginner digs into the new features coming in the big WordPress 3.0 release. Also recently, Jane Wells posted a report on the latest developments with the current cycle. Third, WP 3.0 is set to enter feature freeze mode on March 1.

What do these all mean? Now is the best time to get familiar with the new features. As we all know, we’ve got some big ones coming:

(Via WP Tavern)

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