The Jazz Musicians of WordPress

May 11, 2010 | 1 Comment

Carmen McRae

All the major WordPress releases are named after famous jazz musicians. For example, pictured above is Carmen McRae, who was celebrated in WordPress version 2.9. Want to know more about all the artists WordPress honored over time? has a great tip: music discovery engine actually has a tag for that, called wordpress-release-jazz.

  • 1.0 Miles Davis
  • 1.2 Charles Mingus
  • 1.5 Billy Strayhorn
  • 2.0 Duke Ellington
  • 2.1 Ella Fitzgerald
  • 2.2 Stan Getz
  • 2.3 Dexter Gordon
  • 2.5 Michael Brecker
  • 2.6 McCoy Tyner
  • 2.7 John Coltrane
  • 2.8 Chet Baker
  • 2.9 Carmen McRae

This means you can listen to these musicians’ songs, watch videos, and check out similar artists with on that site. It’s a great fusion of geekiness and music that the WordPress developers, especially Matt Mullenweg, established, and that aficionados of either or both can enjoy.

See the WordPress Roadmap for a complete list of the jazz musicians honored per release. I wonder whose music we’ll be enjoying when WordPress 3.0 drops.

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Win music-related goodies from 12 Days of Christmas, 12 Days of Giveaways at Music Picks

December 10, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Music Picks is holding a contest slash giveaway for 12 Days starting December 20, and the prequalifying round has already started. Here’s how you can join:

A) Subscribe through e-mail (FREE) by filling out the e-mail subscription form somewhere below this post.

B) Or, make a blog post (be it in multiply, friendster, wordpress, etc.) about the contest and put as a link and label it as Music News Philippines or Music Blog Philippines

C) Do both (subscribe and make a blog post). This will double your entry as well, so more chance to win.

You can win music-related goodies and other prizes. They’re not yet revealed to add to the excitement, but I’m sure you won’t pass up on this contest.

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