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As blog owners shift their sights to monetizing their respective sites, those who are using free publishing platforms will most probably eye self-hosting. This is is not surprising as this is a common path taken by many. The move from to is a classic example.


WordPress is a publishing platform that offers both the fully-hosted and self-hosted options. It is currently behind millions of websites and the number continue to grow. For purposes of determining which is the best option, it would be ideal to know what each one offers. as the fully-hosted option allows blog or site owners to concentrate on their content. The technical aspect has been fully covered by the platform including hosting, security, and back-up. Ready-made themes are available with a wide variety of choices. Sites are easily integrated into various social network such as Facebook Twitter, and Tumblr. Support and assistance are always made available. Publishing in a website is free and upgrades are also available. as the self-hosted option will require more technical know-how from site owners who will definitely get their hands on the actual building of a site. Self-hosted sites need paid hosting services and regular maintenance as well as backup tasks performed by owners. Site owners would need to install custom themes and plugins to provide better functionality to the site. Assistance can be obtained from participation in forums. Although expenses are incurred with this option, it allows for more flexibility in relation to how site owners would want their sites to appear.

Why Transfer from to

Since the use of is free and convenient, why would anyone for that matter think of transferring to where payment and more work is required from site owners? The most common reason has to do with monetizing the blog. Direct advertisers tend not to favor blogs or sites hosted in free platforms. It is also the more suitable platform for sites into affiliate sales.

How to Transfer from to

Once a site determines that it is in its best interest to transfer to self-hosting, it would be required to go through some steps for smooth transition. Site owners must purchase a domain name and obtain hosting services. After installing and configuring the software, owners will have to import contents from the site. It has to be noted that the move will mean starting all over again in connection with PageRank and authority.

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