Go Freelance with WordPress

February 7, 2011 | No Comments Yet

WordPress isn’t just a thriving free, open source community, it’s also a very popular business, from premium themes and plugins to large-scale websites. Want a piece of the profitable WP pie? DesignM.ag demystifies one particular aspect of the business: how to freelance with WordPress.

The guide covers not only the techie WordPress jobs like design and development, but also other careers in copywriting, photography, and journalism:

Built right into WordPress are a host of image and gallery features. You can upload, resize, and crop your images. You can align them around text, add captions and links. You can have a page of thumbnails which link to a larger version of the shot. All of this is part of the core WordPress software.

That’s an interesting take on going pro with WordPress you don’t get to see often, so make sure to have a look. It doesn’t stop there, though. There are dozens of site types you can build with WP, and that means different types of freelancers that can take advantage of the publishing platform.

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WordPress for freelancing and project management

July 16, 2009 | No Comments Yet

WPCandy has a great guide on using WordPress as a project management application. It’s part of a series for helping freelancers get on their feet with easy-to-use tools such as WP.

There are three suggestions in the article, namely:

The creative uses for WordPress never run out, do they? But between booking systems, link directories, and comics publishing, it seems using WP for project management is the most relatable application so far.

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Freelance Writing for Dummies by Nina Terol

January 8, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Get a chance to hone your writing skills under the guidance of communications consultant, freelance lifestyle and business journalist, and political communicator Nina Terol in a 2-day workshop entitled Freelance Writing for Dummies.

FREELANCE WRITING FOR DUMMIES is a two-day workshop that takes the freelance writer-wannabe through the whats, whys, whens, and hows of freelance writing in the Philippines. It will tackle the myths, the realities, and the possibilities that make freelance writing intriguing, challenging, and–ultimately–fun. Whether one seeks to freelance part-time or full-time, this workshop will show that a freelance writing career can be rewarding.

Here’s the schedule:


AM (9AM-12NN)
• Introduction
• DISCUSSION: Why freelance?
• EXERCISE: Your “Life SWOT”
• EXERCISE: Your “Circle of Friends”

PM (1-4PM)
• LECTURE/DISCUSSION: Myths, Realities, and Opportunities of Freelance Writing
>> Including a talk by Carissa Villacorta, author of Surreality
• LECTURE/DISCUSSION: Opportunities in Freelance Writing
• LECTURE: Ready to Write? Here’s What You Need
• Day 1 Wrap-Up

DAY 2: 17 JANUARY (SAT), 1-4PM

• Summary of Day 1 and intro to Day 2
• EXERCISE: Practicing “The Pitch”
>> Guest panelist: Candice Lopez-Quimpo, Editor of Baby Center Philippines
• DISCUSSION: Oops! Traps and Caveats
• Open Forum

• Yourself ?
• An inkling of why you want to get into freelance writing
• A pen and extra paper, if you’re anal about taking notes
• Extra food (light snacks will be served, but you can opt to bring your own lunch or order from the nearby cafes and restos)
• Whatever homework will be assigned for the day

Only 25 slots are available. Register here.

(Via Azrael Colladilla)

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