Filter out political ads from Google AdSense

February 22, 2010 | No Comments Yet

As the 2010 presidential election on May 10 draws near, candidates are campaigning more aggressively than ever, including online. However, as much as Filipino bloggers enjoy making money from advertisements on their websites, inadvertently endorsing politicians doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. Carlo Ople’s tutorial on removing political ads from Google AdSense should help out with that. He also cites another reason to do this:

Here’s a more compelling reason to filter ads though – adsense earnings. I noticed that the CTR of my various sites went down over the past few months. I decided to observe for a week and I noticed that my blogs are being flooded by political ads. Not just from Manny Villar, but also from Bayani Fernando and Mark Jimenez. It looks like my site visitors are sick and tired already of politics to the point that they refuse to click them at all, hahaha!

If you’ve tinkered with AdSense long enough, you probably know how to do this already. If you don’t, the instructions are straightforward: go to AdSense Setup > Competitive Filter and enter the URLs of the sites you’d rather not advertise on your blog.

What the tutorial is missing is a complete list of political candidates’ websites, which would make the filtering process even more convenient.

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Taking things too far: blogger blackmail and false advertising

July 29, 2009 | No Comments Yet

It’s no secret that the Internet is a pretty empowering arena for those who work hard enough, but sometimes people are so drunk in their power that they cross ethical boundaries. If you’re going to blog or advertise online, make sure not to do these things:

Don’t do false advertising. Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror writes about Civony (formerly Evony), an online game that uses misleading, sexed up ads just to lure people into playing a civilization simulation game.

Don’t extort or blackmail companies for free schwag. Valleywag reports about an incident during a recently held blog conference abroad in which a blogger threatened to write negative press about Crocs if she would not get a pair that day.

How low can you go? It’s news like these that give the online media and marketing industry a bad rep! Both bloggers and advertisers should stop abusing the medium and exercise discretion when doing business.

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