Get Your Message Across Clearly, Whether You’re a Blogger or a Beauty Queen

September 30, 2010 | 2 Comments

For many of us, communicating in English is not just an option but a requirement. Is it because more people can understand us when we speak that way? Or is it because we appear to be more intelligent and more successful?

Whether you’re writing a blog post or answering a question in the Binibining Pilipinas pageant, it is more important that what you say makes sense.

Our priority should not be to speak in a language that makes us look better, but in a general method that communicates our ideas more clearly. The choice of language is just part of that.

How do you get your message across clearly? Although this list is generally aimed at bloggers, you’ll see that it applies to anybody who wants to reach out to a group of people, large or small. Yes, even beauty queens.

Find your target audience. What is your blog about? Which types of visitors will find your blog interesting? Your target audience will help you figure out the tone, length, frequency, and depth of your blog posts. If you crack a certain joke, will they find it funny? If you write about a new topic, will they still understand it, much less comment on it? This is why surveys, polls, and statistics are very important; they give a very good idea of who you’re dealing with so that you can better prepare for it next time. (Beauty pageant metaphor: Find your strength and play it up. Remember that you’ll have to appeal to many different audiences too: your hometown crowd, the foreign crowd, and the judges.)

Organize your thoughts. At the heart of blogging is writing, and if you don’t know the basics of building around a main idea with the different techniques you’ve learned in school, better brush up on that. Form an outline of what you want to say, then expound on it. (Beauty pageant metaphor: This is especially difficult since you have zero preparation time for the questions you’ll be asked. Think fast, don’t stumble on your words.)

Keep it simple, keep it real. Don’t use complicated words or excessive paragraphs just to give others the illusion that you’re the expert. People are considered smarter when they can turn complex ideas into really simple-looking ones. And if you’re not that smart, don’t even try to cover that up; your audience will figure that out sooner or later. (Beauty pageant metaphor: Need I say more?)

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