Reporting spam and plagiarism on

September 3, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Jonathan Bailey has a helpful guest post at Lorelle on WordPress discussing how you can help rid the community of spam and copyright abuse.

It’s easy to see why spammers would want to get on, with a PageRank of 9, great SEO and a built-in community, it could be haven for junk content. Many do try but the admins have been surprisingly effective, for the most part, at keeping them at bay.

He explains how can help you take down blogs infringing on your copyright and are using the hosted blogging service to spam unsuspecting victims. This is important whether you’re a user or not; you may very well be a blogger whose posts were scraped and published on their servers.

Now the folks running keep a watchful eye whether or not you get to the spammers and scrapers first, but it pays to help out too. Visit the Complaints section of for more information.

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Protect your content with Performancing and bLogics Copyright Management services

January 9, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Once you publish something on the Web, it’s very hard to take it back. Chances are it’s been syndicated, archived, cached, or worse, it’s been scraped and stolen by those don’t know any better way to make money online. Get help with protecting your precious work with Copyright Management services from Performancing and bLogics.

Our copyright experts will track down websites, blogs, forums and other sites that infringe on your rights as a publisher. We will then give you a comprehensive report with suggested courses of action. If you choose to, we can also act on these violations on your behalf, by initiating takedown notices and making sure your original content stays where it should–on your blog! Price includes initial consultation, tracking, initial report and appropriate action on three (3) infringing sites.

Sign up here or here.

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Filipino bloggers disrespected by TV station & PR agency

November 28, 2008 | 1 Comment

Between all the blogging parties, awards, and conferences, you’d think Pinoy bloggers have gained equal footing with mainstream media. Noemi Dado’s and Arpee Lazaro’s and recent experiences prove otherwise.

Noemi Dado vs. ABS-CBN

The first is already familiar: ABS-CBN show TV Patrol World used a photo from her blog without asking permission first. It was even worse this time because it was a photo of her daughter. It took 3 weeks for news anchor TJ Manotoc to apologize to Noemi.

TJ Manotoc, the reporter of the segment called me an hour later after this was posted (oh do I have to blog to get a reply?) but I was unable to pick the call. I just talked to him a while ago. He explained how he got the photos. He interviewed Rhett Eala for the Philippine Flag segment and was told that he could use any of the publicity photos. His team googled for the images and my daughter’s photo came about. Since they were in a rush, they didn’t bother to get the source of the photo. Ooops, not a good idea I said.

Arpee Lazaro vs. Jayce Perlas

The second is another version of awful: Jayce Perlas of the Perlas and Luna PR agency barred him from registering at a Samsung event because his invite could not supposedly be confirmed. A few moments later, two other people asked Arpee which publication he was associated with, and when he explained that he was a blogger, they were confused. They did not know what a blogger is.

Bloggers attend events all the time and understandably, some of us do behave badly. But if it is necessary for us to be humiliated please give us just cause. The lot of us are mostly decent, have above-average spending power and should be treated with respect as you would traditional media people. Bloggers are member of the new media and we are not a hype that will go away anytime soon. I ask PR agencies to please do your homework about bloggers before you have us invited to your events. As far as I know, I never emailed any company asking them to invite me; they’ve always emailed me to attend and even email me again to thank me for going. Mr Perlas and those like him should try to have a bit more PR in their PR work.

You have been warned

If there’s a type of industry that should be properly informed, it should be the media and press relations! You keep acting like you’re better than what it means to be a third world country, and yet you dismiss intellectual property rights, invade other people’s privacy, and have no initiative to stay informed.

You don’t know what copyright infringment is? Funny how you complain every time your shows are uploaded on YouTube (yet use clips from the website—most likely without permission—on your segments anyway).

You don’t know what blogging is? That’s just sad and ironic, since you’re a tech company.

And yet you consider yourselves better than bloggers, or everyone else?

Learn to show respect. A blog can share all the bad moves you’ve made to the whole world. And wait ’til traditional media fades into the background and blogs become as influential as they are abroad. You’ve probably heard that several newspapers and magazines in the US have shut down print production and have gone exclusively online.

Considering the Philippines is so in love with America, it’s only a matter of time for us to “imitate” them. The question is, will your fancy media company or PR agency survive the layoffs by then?

Ample warning, folks.

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Manila Bulletin strikes back against Anton Sheker, claims fair use

July 21, 2008 | 3 Comments

Update: Anton Sheker confirms the story and shares his feelings on the matter.

What’s the latest development in this photographer-blogger lawsuit against Manila Bulletin for copyright infringement and damages? The newspaper has filed a counter lawsuit for exemplary and moral damages at 2 million pesos.

According to Abe Olandres, Manila Bulletin “claims fair use in its publication of the photos”. I’m not quite sure if Manila Bulletin or the Philippine copyright law is at fault here. I hope that our lawyer bloggers a.k.a. blawgers lend their expertise on the matter.

How does Anton Sheker feel?

Mixed emotions but the the fight for copyright and how this will affect any dealings with future copyright issues online pushes me forward…I can now scratch out this part of my bucket list!

I’m sure many Filipinos will be disappointed when it just so happens that the plagiarizing party comes out of this unscathed. Fair use or no fair use, does resorting to counter lawsuits and technicalities reflect the ethics of true journalism?

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Photographer-blogger sues Manila Bulletin for copyright infringement

June 11, 2008 | 4 Comments

Filipino photographer and blogger Anton Sheker has filed a lawsuit against Manila Bulletin for copyright infringement and damages.

In October 2007, Sheker presented proof that this major daily publication used his photos of Vigan. They appeared in a Travel & Tourism article in March 2007. He got featured in the Picture Perfect column as artist of the week, but without his photos.

Even ABS-CBN, who has allegedly done the same thing to several bloggers, reported about this. According to the article:

The law does have its say on the matter. The country has a Copyright Law under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines that protects literary and artistic works, including photos. In one of its sections, it is noted that “Works are protected by the sole fact of their creation,” an automatic copyright protection, as some may view it. Penalties for violators may be subject to fines ranging from P5,000 to P 150,000, and P1,000.00 for every day of continued violation, among others. (A copy of the Intellectual Property Code can be read here:

Does Anton stand a chance in court? Will the small-time Pinoy blogger leave a scar against a mammoth media outfit?

The same newspaper that threatened to slap me with a criminal case if continued my claim.

If Manila Bulletin has nothing to hide, why are they being defensive?

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