Add Google Buzz to WordPress & BuddyPress

February 15, 2010 | No Comments Yet

Google Buzz Logo lists 5 different ways you can integrate Google Buzz into your WordPress and BuddyPress site. Aside from a the Buzz This WP plugin and the Digg-like button, you can also display your Buzz stream and share BP profiles to Buzz.

  1. “Buzz This” Plugin for WordPress
  2. Make Your Own Button to Add Anywhere in Your Template
  3. Share Your Google Buzz Posts on Your Site with Google Buzz ER Plugin
  4. Add the Ability to Share BuddyPress Profile Links With a “Buzz This” Button
  5. Add “Buzz This” to Individual BuddyPress Activity Stream Posts

Although Google Buzz is facing controversy right now for privacy issues, it could become a huge social network overnight since it’s built right inside Gmail, and bloggers will definitely want to take advantage of that audience.

Update: see also this post by Mashable.

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Gossip blog Chikatime taken down

July 4, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Gossip blog Chikatime mysteriously goes offline, months after it broke the controversial story about Brian Gorrell, DJ Montano, and the Gucci Gang.

A few days ago it has limited its access to a selected number of readers only, but as of writing the site has exactly one blog post entitled “farewell”:

para wala nang gulo, we apologize to everyone we wrote about. madami din kaming na-offend.

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