Tip: use WordPress MU for your client sites

September 1, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Are you a designer or developer building WordPress sites for your clients? Here’s a tip: use WordPress MU. Pro Blog Design has a step-by-step guide to tweaking a WordPress Multi-User installation to streamline your client site development process. Just add a handful of plugins (for privacy and blog defaults) and edit several backend files and you’re all set.

Brilliant idea. No need to create new databases, upload files, and install WordPress everytime you have a new client. One of the trickier aspects of WPMU has been addressed too:

Installing WPMU is a slightly different process than regular WP. Basically, don’t edit the config file. Let the installer run. For the purposes of this tutorial, pick a subdirectory installation to give you client blogs in the format of yourdevsite.com/client1/.This way, we won’t have to tinker with the server to enable wildcard subdomains.

Since these are just client demo sites, you won’t really need subdomains for each new blog. But if you really must use them, better make sure your web hosting requirements support it.

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Plugins for a client-friendly WordPress CMS

February 17, 2009 | No Comments Yet

StylizedWeb lists 10 steps to making a client-friendly website that’s powered by WordPress with the help of plugins. To customize the admin, for example, check these out:

The Custom Admin Branding plugin will let you swap out logos in the administration panels for your own, or your clients (depending on how you want to brand WordPress).

WP Admin Theme Extended will let you easily adjust and tweak the color scheme of the administration panel. Again this will let you either pick your branded colors, or your clients for the administration panel.

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