Litratong Pinoy

April 23, 2008 | 1 Comment

Litratong Pinoy

Litratong Pinoy is a website made up of weekly photoblogging challenges, i.e., lingguhang palaro for all Filipino bloggers (as well as Filipino-speaking foreigners) who have an inclination towards photography.

The rules are simple. First you must register at the website and leave a few personal details. Then, every Thursday you’ll post a photo corresponding to the week’s theme on your own blog. The supporting essay for the photo should be written in Tagalog (although Taglish is permitted). You will need to post 2 times before you become a full-fledged L.P. member.

Litratong Pinoy is a great way to unleash one’s own creativity and the love of the Filipino language at the same time.

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