Automattic launches VaultPress backup & protection service

April 1, 2010 | No Comments Yet


VaultPress is a premium offering from Automattic that lets you backup and even more interesting, protect your WordPress-powered site:

In the future, if your site is tampered with in any way, we’ll know within minutes and can take appropriate steps. The VaultPress core engine will be able to protect you against zero-day security vulnerabilities by updating your blog with hot-fixes, even while you sleep.

VaultPress runs as a plugin that runs and responds in real-time. It will also be closely integrated with On the invitation-only beta signup page, the service costs $20 monthly. It also classifies users into personal, pro-blogger, small business, and enterprise.

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3 backup plugins reviewed

January 12, 2010 | No Comments Yet

Blogging Tips reviews three WordPress backup plugins, DBC Backup, WP-DBManager, and WP-DB-Backup. According to them DBC comes out on top, but go check out the review to see which one meets your specific needs. There’s always the WordPress plugins directory, too.

I prefer to do my backups from within my host’s cPanel so that all of my site gets backed up, not just my WordPress install, but using plugins makes things easier.

In any case, having a backup plan is better than none at all. If you haven’t started or need to brush up on your blog backup habit, there’s no time like the present. And it’s peanuts to install a WordPress plugin these days, so no excuses!

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Moving Your WordPress Blog From One Host to Another

March 5, 2008 | No Comments Yet

We’ve changed URLs from WordPress.PH to So now if you’ll be visiting the old URL, you’ll end up here—hopefully instantly. It was a pretty painless process, which is one of the strong points of having a WordPress-powered site. Here are some pointers when moving your WordPress installation from one server to another:


There is not one word more important than “backup” when we talk about websites. (Computers in general, actually, but that’s another matter altogether.) You should be backing up your files regularly, but this time make one final backup before the move. Remember, you need to backup the database in which all your posts are stored and you need to backup the files which are used to run your website.


Restoring your database and files is the converse of backing up, with one difference: you have to update your account details like the database name, database user, database password, and the server path in several places for your new site to work properly.

  1. Create a new database which will hold your old data. It can be a new database name, database user, and database password—or not. Just remember the database details for later on.
  2. Import your data to the new database.
  3. Enter your new database details into your wp-config.php file—if you have changed them.
  4. Upload your site files to your new server.

Find and Replace

Because the old WordPress Philippines URL is embedded within our blog posts and comments, we had to look for every single one and change each to the new URL. Doing it manually inside a database environment is tedious and scary, depending on your expertise:

  1. Replace: old server path with new server path in wp_options
  2. Replace: old URL with new URL in wp_posts, wp_comments, wp_options, etc.

You can skip the 2nd step and do it later using the Search and Replace plugin, once your site is working properly.


Tell Google and other search engines you’ve moved with two steps. First, edit your .htaccess file and add this:

redirect 301 /

Second, open your robots.txt (or create one if non-existent) and enter this:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /


Finally, let your friends know you’ve moved. They’ll probably notice the change of URL because of the redirect, but a letting them know won’t hurt. If you’ve submitted your site to pinging services and blog directories, be sure to change the URLs there as well.

Consider this a new opportunity to “relaunch” your blog.

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