Filter out political ads from Google AdSense

February 22, 2010 | No Comments Yet

As the 2010 presidential election on May 10 draws near, candidates are campaigning more aggressively than ever, including online. However, as much as Filipino bloggers enjoy making money from advertisements on their websites, inadvertently endorsing politicians doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. Carlo Ople’s tutorial on removing political ads from Google AdSense should help out with that. He also cites another reason to do this:

Here’s a more compelling reason to filter ads though – adsense earnings. I noticed that the CTR of my various sites went down over the past few months. I decided to observe for a week and I noticed that my blogs are being flooded by political ads. Not just from Manny Villar, but also from Bayani Fernando and Mark Jimenez. It looks like my site visitors are sick and tired already of politics to the point that they refuse to click them at all, hahaha!

If you’ve tinkered with AdSense long enough, you probably know how to do this already. If you don’t, the instructions are straightforward: go to AdSense Setup > Competitive Filter and enter the URLs of the sites you’d rather not advertise on your blog.

What the tutorial is missing is a complete list of political candidates’ websites, which would make the filtering process even more convenient.

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Taking things too far: blogger blackmail and false advertising

July 29, 2009 | No Comments Yet

It’s no secret that the Internet is a pretty empowering arena for those who work hard enough, but sometimes people are so drunk in their power that they cross ethical boundaries. If you’re going to blog or advertise online, make sure not to do these things:

Don’t do false advertising. Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror writes about Civony (formerly Evony), an online game that uses misleading, sexed up ads just to lure people into playing a civilization simulation game.

Don’t extort or blackmail companies for free schwag. Valleywag reports about an incident during a recently held blog conference abroad in which a blogger threatened to write negative press about Crocs if she would not get a pair that day.

How low can you go? It’s news like these that give the online media and marketing industry a bad rep! Both bloggers and advertisers should stop abusing the medium and exercise discretion when doing business.

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US government cracks down on blogger giveaways

June 23, 2009 | 1 Comment

Although not applicable to the Philippines, it helps to be aware of this: The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is preparing more stringent guidelines on the way bloggers accept certain perks, which usually equate to writing blog posts about them.

The practice has grown to the degree that the Federal Trade Commission is paying attention. New guidelines, expected to be approved late this summer with possible modifications, would clarify that the agency can go after bloggers — as well as the companies that compensate them — for any false claims or failure to disclose conflicts of interest.


Existing FTC rules already ban deceptive and unfair business practices. The proposed guidelines aim to clarify the law and for the first time specifically include bloggers, defined loosely as anyone writing a personal journal online.

This is not a new issue, really, except that the US government is now looking into what should be considered legal based on arbitrary ethical standards. Which, of course, is not a black and white matter especially in the blogosphere.

Bloggers complain that with FTC oversight, they’d be too worried about innocent posts getting them in trouble, and they say they might simply quit or post less frequently.

“It would always be better for bloggers to self-police,” said Robert Cox, president of Media Bloggers Association in New Rochelle, N.Y. “We have laws on the books. They apply to everybody, not just people who write blogs.”

Yuli Ziv, who writes a fashion blog from New York, is working on one such effort at self-regulation, helping craft an ethics policy for about 15 Web sites as part of the Style Coalition started in January to help bloggers become more professional.

“It’s been an issue, regardless of the FTC,” she said. “It’s about trust.”

The safest route is to practice full disclosure at all times, which a lot of the pay-per-post and similar online advertising companies require anyway.

One can only wonder how the Philippine government will deal with this once they hear about it.

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WordPress Plugin: Ads For Old Posts

April 6, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Ads for Old Posts lets you assign special advertisements for posts that have been around for a specified amount of time. Just enter the ad code and the minimum number of days a post has to be in the plugin settings panel and you’re all set!

A good idea if you want to reduce the amount of advertising on your blog.

Download Ads For Old Posts

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Blogging 101, Blog Marketing & Advertising, Blogging Monetization & Business Hands-on Workshop

February 10, 2009 | No Comments Yet

Janette Toral is holding a comprehensive blogging workshop on February 18-20 at Netopia Internet Cafe, Ground Floor Greenbelt 1, Legaspi Street, Makati City.

Here’s the general schedule:

February 18: Blogging 101 Workshop
February 19: Blog Marketing & Advertising
February 20: Blog Monetization & Business

Anybody can sign up, including Club members. The fee for non-members is Php3000 per day. Register here.

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10-step ritual after installing WordPress

January 20, 2009 | No Comments Yet

WordPress is a cinch to install, and that means this 10-item list of things to do right after installing WordPress shouldn’t be too much trouble, either. Here’s the list:

  1. Change the Admin Password and Manage Your Authors
  2. Edit Permalinks
  3. Upload Your Theme and Activate It
  4. Add Your Categories and Change the Default
  5. Activate Akismet
  6. Install Google XML Sitemaps
  7. Install WordPress Database Backup
  8. Test Your Blog With Dummy Content
  9. Add your RSS feed to Feedburner
  10. Activate your Analytics

It’s a great guide for those who haven’t gotten the hang of tweaking their blog to get their whole system in place. Is there something else that you’re doing that wasn’t mentioned on the list? Additional tasks you might want to consider:

  1. Put security measures in place—a must!
  2. Rearrange the dashboard blocks and write post panel for a more streamlined blogging workflow
  3. Construct your blogroll
  4. Integrate social media (Facebook, Twitter, Plurk,, StumbleUpon, Technorati, etc.) into your blog and vice versa
  5. Add a contact form so people can get in touch with you for non-comment matters and other feedback
  6. Consider advertising options

What’s your post-installation ritual?

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Filter out Filipina dating sites on advertisements, but the plot thickens

October 11, 2008 | 3 Comments

Filipina Images seeks to improve the online image of Filipinas with its website. Part of the problem are all the Filipina dating sites, so this is a great tip coming from them: a Filter Filipina Dating Site Ads guide.

It’s a list of sites that you can filter out from your Google AdSense ads. And yes, it will be updated from time to time with new sites.

I think this is a great tip that all Pinoy bloggers should use. The problem is in having to manually search the web for such sites, recompile the list, and update the ad filters. Still, it’s better than not doing anything about it, especially as families, loved ones, friends, and colleages of Filipinas.

But the plot thickens! As I’m reading the blog post at Filipina Images, there are still new problematic ads that have popped up:

Filipina Images ads

We now have to filter out keywords like “marry a USA man” and “date foreign men” as an additional strategy to this.

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Nuffnang winners revealed!

October 7, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Nuffnang Philippines has announced the 68 lucky bloggers who have won their contest.

Winners will receive 500 pesos worth of credits to their accounts. Read their blog entries here.

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September 19, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Matt Mullenweg has just announced at the blog that based on their experimentation with Google ads, they’ve decided to make displaying advertisements optional—but for a fee.

…Light advertising has allowed us to focus on free features for you guys rather than paid upgrades, and enabled us to invest in infrastructure so your blog is always fast and reliable and never shows a fail whale.


The No-ads upgrade can be purchased for 30 credits a year ($0.08 a day) through the Upgrades tab in your blog’s dashboard.

So that basically answers two things: (1) it costs a lot to keep things free so they’re running ads, though only at a reasonable amount; and (2) yes, you can finally remove them, though you’ll have to pay for it.

The next question would have to be: will users be able to make money for themselves by running their own ads? Matt says they’re thinking about it, though take note that it will probably a paid upgrade too.

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Performancing Ads Launches!

August 1, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Performancing, the team whose main goal is to help bloggers succeed, has recently launched Performancing Ads. The system is meant to be both an adserver and a marketplace where bloggers can feature their sites, and where advertisers can look for great sites to sponsor.


There are many reasons why we think bloggers should sign up for Performancing Ads. Among my favorites are the ad-exchange feature, where you can exchange ads with other users (sort of like link exchanges). I also particularly like the fact that you can book your own ads. This way, you can use Perf Ads as your ad server.

Performancing Ads presents a radical alternative (or complement) to the usual pay-per-click ad programs like Google Adsense and the like. Image/button advertising highlights more the brand rather than the context of a link. So advertisers who are looking to enhance brand awareness would love how Performancing ads can help.

Perf Ads also offers an affiliate system whereby each successful referral will earn users both a bonus and also residual commissions from referral sales.

For Philippine bloggers, Perf ads does not offer localized means of presenting ads, though, but it’s a good start for bloggers who want to make money out of their publications.

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More advertising networks for bloggers

July 1, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Quick Online Tips lists 5 new advertising networks for bloggers.

  1. Forbes Blog Network
  2. Technorati Media
  3. Unruly Media
  4. Adphilia
  5. BuzzLogic

We mentioned Technorati Media, and here are four more advertising companies that might be of interest to your make money online endeavors.

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Technorati Media blog advertising network launched

June 20, 2008 | 1 Comment

Technorati joined the ranks of many blog advertising network with the launch of its own, Technorati Media.

According to TechCrunch:

Ads are sold on a CPM basis. They will not make revenue guarantees, says Jalichandra, but the split between parties is negotiable. He declined to state what rates have been negotiated with beta partners.

Bloggers/publishers can sign up here.

You can never run out of good advertising for your blog, and if the existing solutions out there are not working for you, try Technorati’s. Watch out for more advertising services in the future.

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Earn cash and cellphone load with Pinoy Bux

May 23, 2008 | No Comments Yet

Note: there are no affiliate links in this post.

Looking for a way to make money online? Try Pinoy Bux, which is a local PTC (get “paid to click”) program. You make $0.01 for each link you or your referrals view. Minimum payouts are at $10.00, and you need a PayPal account to access your cash.

Since it’s assumed you’re in the Philippines, you can convert your earnings into cellphone load via Globe G-Cash. Three ads is worth Php1.00 load.

And if you must ask, Pinoy Bux says it’s not a scam:

Pinoy Bux is NOT a Autosurf, Multi-Level Marketing, Pyramid, Ponzi, Matrix or “Get Rich Quick” scheme.

Upon registering you get a $0.05 sign-up bonus, and if you do so before June 30 you also get 20 (pesos?) worth of load. Sign up here.

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Events: Butch Dalisay Talk, Davao Food Appreciation Tour, BlogBank Launch, and Tons of Concerts!

March 14, 2008 | 5 Comments

Here are some notable events that are buzzing around the Philippine blogosphere this time of year:

Butch Dalisay on Creative Non-Fiction for Bloggers

Butch Dalisay by Juned

Kape @ Pandesal sa Isla Series No: 2 features a conversation with Butch Dalisay, a Palanca Hall of Fame Awardee. You can view a partial video of the talk or full audio at the Blog and Soul website. And here’s a nice narration of the event courtesy of PinoyCentric. (A podcast of the previous talk, Libel and Blogging, can also be downloaded.)

Davao Food Appreciation Tour

Davao Food Appreciation Tour image by Davao Food Trip

Davao Food Appreciation Tour (Davao FAT) is literally a food trip for over 20 bloggers throughout 8 establishments in Davao. It follows the Davao Food Trip that was held last December to January. Davao FAT begins March 14 and ends on March 16.

BlogBank Launch

BlogBank logo

Blog Bank, the first blog advertising network in the Philippines, held a launch party on March 13 at Red Box Greenbelt, Makati. Regnard Raquedan writes:

The launch was held at the spiffy Red Box Karaoke in Greenbelt 3, Makati City. The BlogBank team threw a rockin’ karaoke party for the advertisers, publishers and bloggers, with a short program to recognize the Top 3 advertisers (eLBC, Delifrance & Nokia), as well as the Top 3 earning publishers (Jehzeel, Kiven and Anton).


Maroon 5 Concert photo by darna33

Finally, let’s talk about concerts. You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t about all the great musicians gracing our islands in the past few weeks. But for your sake, here’s a rundown:

  • Ne-Yo (March 1)
  • Maroon 5 (March 5)
  • Incubus (March 9)
  • Colbie Caillat (March 11)
  • Earth, Wind and Fire Experience featuring Al McKay (March 11)
  • Mandy Moore (March 12)
  • Incognito (March 14)
  • Harry Connick Jr. (March 15)
  • Celine Dion (March 15)

Don’t feel so bad if you haven’t attended any of these, because even bigger artists are coming to town!

  • Joss Stone (April)
  • Toto (April 3)
  • Swing Out Sister (April 7)
  • Duran Duran (April 10)
  • Damian Marley (May)
  • Natalie Cole (May)
  • James Blunt (May 19)
  • The Click Five (May 30)
  • Steve Tyrell (May 30)
  • Madonna (July)
  • Josh Groban (July)
  • Dave Matthews Band (September)
  • Justin Timberlake (October)
  • U2 (October)
  • Usher (November)

(Info from, PhilMUG, and TicketNet.)

Are you psyched yet? Woot!

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