New WordPress 2.8 Widgets interface

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Jeff Chandler of WPTavern takes a look at the new Widgets interface in the upcoming WordPress 2.8:

Just as I had hoped for, the system works like a cross between 2.3 and 2.5 leaning more towards 2.3. On the left, you have a listing of available widgets. On the right, you have sidebars available where you drag widgets from the left, to the right, just like it worked in WordPress 2.3. However, there are a few differences.

While in the latest version you had to switch between sidebars (if you have multiple ones) using a dropdown menu to add or remove widgets, in the new version all the sidebars show up. This is much more convenient because you get to see which widgets you’ve already used and which ones you’ve not. But you can reuse widgets all the same.

Looking forward to more improvements such as this in WordPress 2.8!

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  1. Jeffro Said,

    Thanks alot for the link :) I’ve been keeping tabs on the widget interface and found out that the inactive container located at the bottom of the page is used as a placeholder for widgets which contain information/settings you would like to save. Most notable example are text widgets. currently, if you remove a text widget, you lose the content within. Now in 2.8, you just move it to inactive and it retains the data in the widget. I think people are going to love that.

    Jeffro´s last blog post: Two WordPress Migration Tips

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