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Weblog Tools Collection reports that people are now taking advantage of the popularity of WordPress to attack unsuspecting users with outdated versions with a fake WordPress version.

If there is one topic that needs to be reblogged, it’s WordPress security. The most important thing you need to remember from this is to only download WordPress from The URL is so check to see if that’s what’s in your browser address bar.

There is no WordPress 2.6.4 (we’re at WordPress 2.7 beta 2 already, for crying out loud!). The fake website will give you a trojanized, phishing, scammed version of WordPress.

And while we’re on the subject of downloads, make sure the themes and plugins you download can be trusted by getting them from’s Extend section.

We know piracy is rampant in the Philippines, but we’re talking about free, open source web software here. There’s no reason not to get WordPress straight from the source.

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  1. WordPress 2.6.5 | WordPress Philippines Said,

    […] where WP 2.6.4 is, it looks like the Automattic team decided to skip that version because of the fake WordPresz release that have been circling the Web. Emphasis […]

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