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Wanderous is not your ordinary travel blog. The authors of this website, Aissa and Ryan, believe that (a) travel should not be limited to the filthy rich; (b) we should learn more about the Philippines and support local tourism; and (c) food is a wonderful thing.

The reviews and tips on this blog are really helpful and practical, since they draw from the personal experiences of Aissa and Ryan themselves. And judging from the amount of travel they’ve been doing so far, it looks like one can gain a lot of advice from them.

Perhaps the best part about Wanderous is that it figures out ways for you to travel without breaking the bank, and tirelessly reports the latest travel packages and promos you can take advantage of. It’s quite difficult to keep track of what Cebu Pacific or Asian Spirit is offering every single day, and we’re glad to have Wanderous do that for us!

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  1. Ryan Said,

    Hey guys, thanks for the support. We do this for free so the only thing that really keeps us going is great feedback like this!

    Of course if someone offered us a free trip or hotel stay somewhere we wouldn’t say no. *cough*

    Ryan’s last blog post..Superpasyal

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