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We’re still in a current events mood here at WordPress Philippines and so it’s no surprise to have PinoyPress as our featured website of the week. What makes this Philippine news website different from the rest? Easy: it’s powered by WordPress.

It’s a feat to turn a piece of blogging software into a content management system to handle oodles and oodles of content as newspapers usually do. But as many people are slowly discovering, WordPress is equipped to handle that job. We commend PinoyPress’ forward thinking and ability to do that while at the same time diligently cover what’s going on in the Philippines.

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  1. caloy conde Said,

    Thanks for the kudos. PinoyPress is a hybrid, complementing the awesome power of WordPress with other stuff that are easily available on the Net (such as javascript and PHP). In any case, it’s been fun experimenting with. You should check out another of my projects, Again, thanks.

  2. Ryan Said,

    Visited the site and it really is quite informative, and a lot better laid out than the sites of the Philippine star and inquirer. Kudos to you sir.

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