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If people were to judge based on online reading of which blogging platform holds the most attention of users, it could actually be a toss-up between WordPress and Blogger.  With each having its own advantages and disadvantages, the choice depends on the purpose by which the blogging platform is to be used.  Each has its own loyal fan-base for varying reasons.

Blogger is said to be easier to use and understand  than WordPress.  Many are in the belief that bloggers who use the Blogger platform are practically spoon-fed in every aspect.  The only issues being raised is the lack of options for better control of the blog.

WordPress is the preferred platform of many especially those who would like to have more say about how their blogs would look like.  It also works well with various plug-ins thus providing more options for customization.  The issue raised by some is that it takes more effort to understand the workings of the platform.

Again, like in most comparisons between available platforms, the choice all boils down to personal preference.  If a blogger feels comfortable using one than the other, then no amount of words can convince them to change.  It is necessary though to study the other option since a choice has to be made with awareness of the options that are available on the other but not found on the chosen one.  If a blogger thinks missing out on some features is acceptable by sticking to one  than the other, that is his or her call.

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