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Installing WordPress is not as complicated as most would want to believe but does one really need to do it?  Are there other options that one can take to get the same benefit?  Can one do without it?

To answer these very practical questions:  No, it is not absolutely needed.  Yes, there are other options.  Yes, one can do without it.  Given these answers , why would one still want to install WordPress?  Simple.  If a blogger wants to have the freedom to take his blog where he wants to, WordPress offers the most opportunities of doing so.  There are other options so it would be advisable to look into them as well to determine which will work best.

WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform and is widely preferred by bloggers who intend or are already monetizing their blogs.  Before installing WordPress, beginners are advised to read and gather information first to be better understand the platform before starting.  Steps to be taken are found online and can be followed easily.  Determine also what needs to be accomplished first before installing WordPress to enable a swift start.

There will be many options to choose from in terms of appearance, moderation, control, and other aspects important to having a good blog.  The platform of course cannot single-handedly catapult a blog to success since bloggers will have to provide the contents themselves.  WordPress offers adequate support for bloggers but it cannot do anything about poor content.  Before starting a blog, a would-be blogger must know what direction he intends to take and how he intends to go about it.


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