Why Bloggers Should Be Thankful to Blogging Platforms

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Blogging platforms like WordPress has made it incredibly easy for bloggers to do what they do. There are many things that bloggers should be thankful for. Let us look at some:

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For Being Able to Start a Blog

If blogging platforms didn’t make it as easy as it is today to start a blog, then the blogosphere will be monopolized by technologically-advanced people. This would have taken away the satisfaction from many bloggers who are not as technologically inclined from  experiencing  having a blog today. This has also saved the online users from having access only to views and opinions of a few.

For Being Able to Publish Posts Whenever Desired

Rather than forever waiting for the chance to be published writers using the traditional way, bloggers have all the opportunity to self-publish whenever they like. The publish button holds so much power and freedom and it is up to bloggers to regulate their own conduct. There is no one to reject a blogger’s publication unless of course there are violation of terms issues and copyright issues involved.

For the Chance to Be Heard

Not all people are given the chance like bloggers to be heard and heard loudly at that through their own blogs. While most people will be hard put in finding an avenue for rants and complaints, the blog is always an available option, However, care must be observed in using this advantage. There are still laws to be observed even in the online world.

For Encouraging Bloggers to Take Responsibility for the Blog

With freedom comes responsibility. As bloggers are pretty much given a free reign in the conduct of their blogs, they also have to learn to police their own practices. The failure to observe proper procedure may result to sanctions for the blog.

For Providing an Opportunity to Understand Technology a Little Better

Even under free domains, bloggers will still need to learn in time the technology behind blogging. This is especially so when bloggers graduate to their own domains. Even if problems can be very inconvenient, it is still a source of important learning.

Blogging is really a privilege. It has its challenges but always, being able to do it freely is something to be thankful for. Much of the credit goes to blogging platforms.

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