Self-Publishing Through Blogs

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Writers never had it as easy as now to convert their thoughts and words into written compositions.  With the ready accessibility of platforms for instant and self-publishing, every wannabe writer gets his crack in forming his own audience.  In the blogging world specifically, no one asks for educational credentials or journalism experience except perhaps for particular topics that beg expertise to be a requirement.  We have to remember that blogging is a form of self-publishing.

The freedom provided by the blogging arena however has produced blogs that are fit for personal rather than public consumption.  It is not much the topic but the way it is presented that usually makes the difference.  Unless incorrect grammar and spelling are means for a specific purpose in articles, bloggers can derive benefits from having their work proof-read by others before publishing.

The whole idea of written posts tends to get lost when writing is done too carelessly.  It can be very difficult to believe a writer who does not even know how to spell the topic he is talking about.  Though blogging on a topic does not require absolute expertise, it requires basic respect in tackling any topic.  This simply means doing one’s homework through reasonable research before coming up with articles to be published. 

Blogging tools such as WordPress should be used responsibly.  The chance of self-publishing should not be wasted on senseless rants and egocentric promotions.  This is the chance to put forward lofty ideas and thoughts that possibly may not be accepted by mainstream publishing companies.  We might as well put it to good use since there are admittedly many self-published writers already inhabiting the blogosphere.  Access to self-publishing should be used to promote the cause of genuinely good writers who have very limited options in traditional publishing.

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