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What makes blogging more exciting is the fact that there are more ways to go about it especially when one is not in the usual work area for blogging.  The mobile options provided by blogging platforms such as WordPress give bloggers the ultimate freedom to continue their work while not preventing mobility.  These options will ensure writers that they can upload, edit their posts or manage comments while on the go.

Mobility is an important consideration in blogging.  With the demands of blog publishing at its highest ever, bloggers can really benefit from this feature. WordPress for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia, and WebOS provide all the possible choices for bloggers in constant move.

Mobile Blogging

A blogger is doing mobile blogging when he or she uses a handheld device such as a mobile phone to publish a blog post or a website article. This advantage has been made possible by the evolution of various technological systems to facilitate performance of similar tasks.

The trend towards  the use of devices that can perform all required functions is continuously expanding. More and more people realize that less and less limitations are preventing the performance of tasks that used to be only possible when in the usual work place.  This eliminates the need for bringing heavier gadgets especially when attending events that need to be blogged about immediately.

Mobile-Friendly Blogs

Blogs have to be made mobile-friendly for bloggers to take advantage of the advances in technology.  Many readers are already accessing blogs through their mobile devices so it helps to be ready for the demand. The one who gets left behind in technology stands a chance to be left behind in viewership as well.

Google Analytics for example is able to provide data about traffic obtained from mobile devices. It can even supply the information about the specific mobile device used. For those whose blogs can already be accessed through mobile devices, studies show that the percentage of viewers from mobile device is quite considerable to ignore.

Blog owners should check how their sites appear through mobile devices to see if there is anything that needs to be tweaked for better viewing.  It is highly possible that websites are not easily readable in mobile devices.  There are steps that can be taken to address this. A few options can be added for the mobile version of blogs and websites.

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