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Just like in any other choices that have to be made regarding online presence, the choice between and is decided by the purpose for which a blog was created.  The two options have their respective advantages and disadvantages.  It is really up to the owner to decide which one works best for his purpose.

The use of is quite attractive for those who do not like complicated procedures.  It is easy to set up, the blog’s technical maintenance work is adequately covered, the blog maintains availability in spite of high traffic as it can be found in different servers, and blog contents are automatically backed up.  These and some extra traffic can be obtained from being part of the community.

With these benefits however come certain limitations such as the inability to upload a custom theme and plug-ins as well as inability to modify the PHP code.  These disadvantages are the very advantages of using  Technically-minded bloggers specifically prefer these very benefits.

Opting for presents several disadvantages including the need to pay for a good web host, need for more technical knowledge for setting up and maintaining, and the responsibilities that come with self-hosting.  Self-hosted blogs need to address concerns about stopping spam, creating and maintaining back-up, and updating to the newer versions of WordPress as they get released.  Bloggers who opt to choose the self-hosted way must take care to avoid mismanaging the web server that may lead to losing the blog itself.  Security, control, and choices are just some of the many considerations before making a decision.



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