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WordPress has been making it possible for bloggers to go about their business of providing articles of great interest to online readers.  Being a free and open source blogging tool, it offers many features that allow easy management of the contents being offered.  The number of times its various versions have been downloaded since its introduction in 2003 up to the present is a testament to its ability to address and provide for the varied needs of bloggers worldwide.

Blogging became much easier to venture into with the availability of tools such as WordPress.  Even the most technologically challenged writers can publish articles with ease and confidence with the use of its features.  These features are meant to make the whole exercise enjoyable and fulfilling rather than a laborious task to be faced as often as the need to blog arises.  Everything is practically spoon-fed except of course for quality content which is the expected contribution of all writers to their blog.

WordPress offers various themes which bloggers can choose to install or change at any time they see fit.  Its plugin architecture addresses the other aspects that are now considered part-and-parcel of blogging activity such as search engine optimization.  Bloggers are given every opportunity to increase the functionality of their sites through the addition of widgets which emanate from the extended abilities of thousands of plugins offered by the platform.  Web developers are likewise given a chance to create their own blogging community as WordPress made it possible for multiple blogs to operate in a single installation.

The blogging tool likewise offers a link management structure that can assist website owners in their bid to have their sites found by search engines and related sites.  It has released a number of versions since its introduction, providing more features that beginners would find user-friendly while responding to the growing needs of more experienced bloggers.  It has become evident that WordPress is a worthy blogging tool.


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