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I’m a firm believer that the Internet has rendered the world flat. And it has served like a glue, sticking far-flung peoples across geographic distances together. Also, I believe that blogging is not just about content and design. Monetization? These are just secondary when it comes to blogs and blogging.

One other important aspect of blogs is community!

A blog thrives on the support of its readers. And most probably a blog’s readers would be those that have the same interests as the author, or those who belong in the same community as the author (whether ethnic, geographic, etc.). In this regard, the inter-linking between blogs, the writing of comments, and the general similarity of topics being discussed makes a group of bloggers a community in a sense.

WordPress Philippines

While blogging is not such a hot concept with majority of the country’s citizens, I believe that blogging is playing a big role in the lives of many, whether they know it or not. Many of today’s big issues–politics, social issues, news, business–are being discussed, deliberated, and acted upon in blogs. Many of today’s well-established bloggers and business/professional bloggers hail from the Philippines. And with the Filipinos’ good grasp of the English language (written and spoken), blogging may yet be the next outsourcing boom in the country (after call centers, medical transcription services and other outsourced business processes).

How can you be a part of WordPress Philippines

Here at WordPress Philippines, we have set up several great ways by which you and your blog can be part of the community. Of course, you can always join in on the discussion by keying in your comments on any of our posts and updates.

First is the community forums. This part is being set-up as of the moment. But we envision this forum to be an area where all Filipino bloggers can convene and talk about everything WordPress, whether it’s about design, content, setting up, plugins.

Second is by submitting themes and plugins. Here on WordPress Philippines we will regularly feature plugins and themes created by Filipino authors.

Third is by tagging your posts as wordpressph. The “latest entries” column below, which appears on the front page and on every page on this site, comes from Technorati. So as long as your blog is indexed by Technorati, any post that is tagged as wordpressph will appear as a link under that column.

Fourth is by saving links on del.icio.us and tagging these as wordpressph. Those items will automatically appear under the “news from the Philippine blogosphere” column.

So WordPress Philippines is one good opportunity to market your blog. Just be sure to have yourself linked here through those means above.

Again, a warm welcome to WordPress Philippines!

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  1. ia Said,

    Finally! Congrats!

    Suggestion lang: mainam kung makapagsalita rin tayo ng sarili nating wika (Filipino man o iba pa) sa site na ‘to. Pansin ko kasi lahat ng ibang WordPress international sites na naka-link sa baba ganun eh. 😛

  2. fedmich Said,

    Cheers to all Filipinos there

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas :)

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