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Jonathan Bailey has a helpful guest post at Lorelle on WordPress discussing how you can help rid the community of spam and copyright abuse.

It’s easy to see why spammers would want to get on, with a PageRank of 9, great SEO and a built-in community, it could be haven for junk content. Many do try but the admins have been surprisingly effective, for the most part, at keeping them at bay.

He explains how can help you take down blogs infringing on your copyright and are using the hosted blogging service to spam unsuspecting victims. This is important whether you’re a user or not; you may very well be a blogger whose posts were scraped and published on their servers.

Now the folks running keep a watchful eye whether or not you get to the spammers and scrapers first, but it pays to help out too. Visit the Complaints section of for more information.

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