Moderating Comments Through WordPress

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Blog owners using the WordPress platform are provided several options to effectively manage the comments received by their site.  This is done through moderation of incoming comments.  This allows the site administrator to decide what for him or her constitutes spam and what are allowed to be accepted as legitimate comments.

There used to be a time when all sorts of comments are accepted and welcomed but that was a long time ago when spammers still have their sights set on other venues.  With the advent of spam and abusive comments, the need for site administrators to have the tools to moderate incoming comments more strictly arose.  WordPress has beefed up its services to address this issue more effectively.

The basic commenting features provided by WordPress include the options to unapprove, delete, designate as spam, edit, and reply.  The edit feature is quite handy for removing specific parts of what appears to be a legitimate comment that may be offensive or appear spammy.  There is also an option to disallow commenting for specific posts or all posts.

A number of plug-ins have also been made available to further improve the commenting experience through WordPress.  There are several anti-spam plug-ins such as Akismet, Bad Behavior, and Comment Timeout.  Commenting can also be encouraged through BlogFollow or Show Top Commentators. The appearance of comments can be improved through plug-ins that can filter bad words, number the comments, or highlight comments of the blog author.  Commenting features can also be expanded to include emoticons and by allowing commentators to preview and edit their own comments.

There a a lot of other options such as enabling gravatar so that an image accompanies every comment.  If the blog author wishes to emphasize a post that has received numerous comments, this can also be done.  Conversation between blogs can also be improved by quoting previous comments or having the option to make a comment visible only to the author.

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